An LED Watch Design That Brings A Performance To Your Wrist

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: “I wanted to create a ‘light performance’ with this wrist watch design. A set of focused light beams is shot onto the non glossy, dark surface to create an art performance that shows the time in hh/mm sequence. The wrist watch is controlled by sliding and gesturing the touch sensitive surface (see the animation in the video below). Continue reading

“Laser RadiusBeam” Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

The “Laser RadiusBeam Watch” runs through reflection emitted by laser beams, which leave the center and come to reflect on the statement outside the perimeter of the watch. A colored laser gives the hour and another colored laser gives the minutes. Even though it reads like a normal watch, this design is anything but normal. Read the diagrams below to find out more and don’t forget to vote if you like this concept design.

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