Laser watch is just-in-time.

Design submitted by Nurdinov from Kyrgyzstan.

Nurdinov says: Inspired by a film about the time with Justin Timberlake. Laser light falls on the hand, and there appears, as in the movie.

You could see it displayed on a mirrored display is when a long sleeve shirt

Hours for all. Especially for film fans. They help to manage time)))))

59 thoughts on “Laser watch is just-in-time.

  1. Everybody writes about superlatives!
    Why? Too many sharing also suspected for me.
    Otherwise, no extra addition of stolen ideas.


  2. I would love a watch like this. I’m trying to make my own out of a laser projection alarm clock I dont use. But I’d always be really clunky and piecey. This concept is genius, fans of the hit movie will love it! It could be a hit seller. Love it with my guts.


  3. Greatest Thing Ever!!!
    I am always going to have money saved at all times for the second this watch gets made!!!
    but will it still work if im wearing a sweatshirt or jacket or something?


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