Tri-Ripple LCD watch with concentric rings.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Tri-ripple” a 12-5-9 format based watch. I wanted to come up with a simple 12-5-9 format watch that had a alien/spacey feel.

The basic premiss being that the time is told by 3 sets of rings, these rings could be either coloured LEDs or a backlit LCD. The largest set of rings on the left of the watch consists of 12 rings that display the hours (1 ring = 1hour). The smallest group of rings on the upper right consists of 5 rings that display 10 minute groups (1 ring = 10mins) The bottom right group of rings consists of 9 rings for single minutes (1 ring = 1min).

To make the time reading uber simple and keep with the spacey feel I have added dots to the rings (like orbiting moons) that are in the appropriate position to the number on an analogue watch face, this saves on the counting and makes telling the time far more intuitive.

The display would be activated by three buttons in the center of the 3 sets of rings (LED version)

The LCD version would be touch sensitive in the same zones.

This design has a simple uncluttered spacey/alien feel that may appeal to more geekish amongst us, the bright coloured LEDs give the watch a fun feel. The rings will be animated when the time is displayed and randomly through the day again adding to the fun aspect.

The metal version is LCD and has a slightly more grown up feel that may appeal to the less adventurous.

The technology and time telling method is tried and tested, the style is unusual and alien looking. These elements combined make for fun design that will help its wearer stand out from the crowd!

28 thoughts on “Tri-Ripple LCD watch with concentric rings.

  1. Circle-tastic!
    Really appreciate the little dots to help you read it easily – nice touch.


    • Yeah the dots do save the counting and hopefully make it more intuative. Thanks for the Circle-tastic comment and adding this design to the blog! 😀


  2. M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!!
    i really like the time-reading…the dots really help with the counting, and they look cool too! i would prefer if the case was completely flat, rather than have the circles coming up out of it..great animation too! 5*/yes (with a couple of adjustments)


    • Yeah it does look like a mutatnt Micky when its laid on it’s side lol.
      Yeah this format would look good in a flat case as you suggest. Thanks for the comment and the vote! 😀


    • I hope its the fun type of disease and not the itchy rashy type that makes you see the doctor! 😉
      Thanks for the Frackin comment and the vote!


  3. Love it! Really enjoy the smoothed steel finish around the circles. I’ll be digesting LCD tonight!



  4. Looks so good! Corncicley, solar systemy, zen gardeny 😀 Geometry rocks, time telling system appeals, so stylsh and creative. I think the levations are very nice, I would actually say, there could be three different ones even. 5*/OH YES


  5. This watch is a psychedelic, Pete! It has a festive side.
    5 * / Yes.

    Yeah, I clicked on “Yes”.


  6. Nice concept and, for a rare time, I prefer the LED version. ( having a bracelet with 3 set of circles without the lights on is weirder ) I love the orbiting dots and that the minute rings are not all complete. ( it give the impresion that the hour go over them )

    2 suggestions : I would prefer if the five 10 minutes rings where under the hour and left from the nine single minute rings. And if it was a flat case.


    • Yeah you make a fair point about the layout of the sets of rings. It would be more logical if the 10 min rings were bottom left, it would help with the time reading. Your not the first to suggest a flat case so that suggest that that would give the watch more universal appeal.
      RGB is aways a nice colour combo! cheers as always for the feedback Makkovik! 😀


  7. This ends pretty soon so thanks to everyone who voted, commented or shared, and thanks to TF for posting it here.


    Pete from GB


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