Titanium watch uses circular digits.

Design submitted by Timur from Кyrgyzstan.

Timur says: Titanium watches designed in style futuristic modernity. Information display clock showing precise time, decorated with beautiful characters. At first sight the characters are seem odd, difficult to understand what time is it. However, after careful consideration it is becoming clear, that these characters are the numbers that display hours and minutes.  The numbers on the watch Titanium beautifully decorated by hemispherical arcs of regular shape. Radiance numbers on the black display gives a special charm to the overall mean hours.

Colour figures in the display can be changed in three variations, depending on the preferences of the clock owner. I offer the following options for colors: blue, green and white.

Design of digits on the Titanium watch display effectively emphasize the individuality and originality of this model.

82 thoughts on “Titanium watch uses circular digits.

  1. I like that watch because it looks really nice. It is awesome when you go to Party or somewhere special. I think it is good for its price and value, I am highly recommending it!!! #design, weight, price, value.


  2. Woow ,,, i will buy it,, This titanium watch will suit with my titanium necklace )))
    I will 5+++ stars


  3. An amazing design. I would prefer leather wristband, because the case would stand out more. I love the way the number are made and displayed. Make a red display available and I would definitely buy. 5*


  4. I like the design, it’s awesome, i would like to buy this, just let me know when it’s going to make:)) 5 star from me dude:))


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