OctoThorpe LED watch is a digital watch with a cryptic twist.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: The inspiration for this watch came from the number sign (hash, pound sign, rarely octothorp in different variations). This symbol divides an area into nine squares.

I sketched around for a digital display and quickly came to the double square numbers, you can see in the images. I took the name Octothorpe due to it’s emphasis on the number 8. There are 8 squares forming the time display and each of them is made of 8 segments.

The eight squares are aligned along the edges of a rhombic plane. They have a varying amount of lit and unlit segments and look confusing to the untrained eye. A pair of squares forms a number and each number has been framed to ease up reading. You read the time up-down-left-right – the same order as if you would write a +. Once you’re used to the numbers, it’s a piece of cake to read it while others might look at you like a car.

I let the rhombic display straightly morph into the straps and kept the case pure and simple. In the center of the case are four buttons, the upper, lower, left and right one activate the time, the date, an animation and the setting mode.

Octothorpe is a simple and stylish LED watch for everyone who likes it cryptic but easy to decipher. It’s an artistic but not too playful way to tell time.

31 thoughts on “OctoThorpe LED watch is a digital watch with a cryptic twist.

  1. Beautiful design, Sam.
    Not easy to read on the first try, but with a little learning, it should.
    5 * / Yes.


  2. Whats not to like about this design, funky form, funky and unique method of displaying digits, in fact the only thing I dont like is the fact I didnt come up with it! 5/Y Best of luck Sam! 😀


  3. Sleek. But isn’t this one the collaboration between Sam-chin and Heather-chin? I’ll checkit out again later but sleek is sleek. Congrat Pablo! Me gusta


  4. Sam, it looks really spectacular (that goes without saying) but I’m not so keen on the numbers. I guess I could get used to them though. 🙂 5Y


  5. nice concept. It would be easy to tell the time. I love that the control buttons are in the middle. It seem like there is an error with the 1. On the 2nd picture timed “12:34” and the last one, timed “12:59”. The 1 is on the left side when it should be on the right side. ( base on the 3rd picture, the one that show all the numbers, and common sense )


    • Hehe, cool that you realized it, but that’s not an error. I let the 1 be left-aligned when it’s on the 1st and 3rd position to give the whole amount of illuminated LEDs a groupy, less broken look 🙂 The fact, that you recognized it as a 1, makes me happy hehehe. Thanks for looking at the pictures again and again Makko and for sharing your thoughts. So cool, that all possible concerns are recorded here!


      • I also love that the middle part is divided instead of only appearing on the top square.

        And : “all possible concerns are recorded”. lol. like there was many, when it’s one.


      • Hehe 😉

        Yeah I use this method for my split numbers to give the both halfs a more solitary appearance. You’ll like my FRAME concept I guess. Comes laaater.


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