Multi Watch – An LED Watch Design with Added Accessories

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: “Some friends asked me for an analog watch design with multiple functions, so this is an analog watch. Reading time is the same as analog watch dial, but instead of being circular, it is deployed in two lines, so the reading system is the same.It is a multi functional LED watch design with added functions that just plug in to the side of the watch. In the example below, GPS mapping and a Geiger counter are two functions that can be added.

Time flows like water in a river. The red LED markers indicate hours, from 1 o’clock at the top to 12 o’clock at the bottom. Minutes are indicated by 60 segments in the blue line, the number of segments not illuminated indicating the current minute. Like many Tokyoflash watches, there is an animation mode which animates all the LEDs randomly before indicating the time.

“This watch is more for women, and trendy, fashion concsious men. Maybe even people who like jewelry. It is an LED watch design and can be worn with or without the additional accessories that plug into it. The functionality of added accessories is endless.”


21 thoughts on “Multi Watch – An LED Watch Design with Added Accessories

  1. Welcome back Patrick. Wow that is indeed, nice. I has a probably 60% similar concept like this in my brain but tada… u made it first… congratulation for coming with the idea. I hope this will be an inspiration for those people who can’t render, that vector art is also has the chance, most importantly the idea. How the time is displayed in that arrangement is so like your style. Firdaus likes this.


  2. I also dig the vector art, nice clean lines, conveys the concept well.

    This design is ripe for varying technologies… GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 modules… the mind runs away with itself as to what could be done here! very cool.


  3. Oh that’s an elegant little gadget 🙂 I like the modular system you have. I would remove the Geiger counter and add… something else (wait for one of my future concepts, hehe) Maybe the GPS is a bit too small for a biker, but when you walk, it is ok I think. My first and only big concern was the width of the strap. So much I like the watch itself, I would like it more manly, rawr! So here is a suggestion.

    Patrick is back! Very nice concept!


    • Ah ah ah.
      Hello Sam, on your example, it is not the same watch?
      First, it is wise for women and then with the USB modules, it can also work for men.
      Its undulating silhouette is feminine and delicate, is not it?


      • I think the silhouette can work for men too, but tastes are different. It’s definitely good to address women more 😀
        The watch in the example is based on yours, just wider and darrrrrrk. I would never think about touching a watch with photoshop, if I wouldn’t like it 😉 Good luck Patrick, realy really!


      • Can I continue on my design? Actually its already in modelling phase. I call it my milestone, but lately I have abandoned my design milestones and made side designs that suddenly came across my mind…. I think I should think of another side design…. which is different than this. This design is already convincing to me. A respect to Patrick. Well done 😉


      • Sam, there is no problem, I am always open to suggestions, especially if they come to you.

        If the ideas of Firdaus meet with mine, it’s good news, so I look forward to your project!


  4. Hi Cygnus, in my original idea, this project was primarily aimed at women, but with the addition of USB modules, a man could wear it.

    Merci pour votre message en français !


  5. Great concept! ****YES because I need such a multifuntional fun on my arm lol. I like the latest suggestion for men. Great!


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