Watch Reaction – Liquid LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Roman from Russia.

Roman has been thinking of watches with diodes until he came across flowing water.  The idea began to develop in the direction of liquid embodiment and gradually came to the idea of chemical reaction.

The watch design is made of light metal, non-standard clock face is made of three glass tubes, in the form of test tubes.   The tubes contain colored liquids that scale time and illuminated digits which shows the exact time.

Roman says that this design is for both young and adult generation, for people who loves sports and fashion.

Roman’s idea for the watch body and face is very unique and the colored liquid with illuminating digits make it a progressive and futuristic design.


13 thoughts on “Watch Reaction – Liquid LED Watch Design

  1. Awesome looking futuristic watch, my only concern would be trying to get through security at the airport with that on your wrist. (spoiler: don’t taze me bro!)

    Other than that, this is a damn fine design!


  2. Oh I like the clear geometrical expression and the easy to read display. The chemical topic is cool. The little air bubbles are funny and essential actually (without them you wouldn’t see, that it’s a liquid in there). It’s a playful but not too cheesy design which is definitely cool to have on the wrist.


  3. Huhuhu…. I have an idea like this, but it just around my mind, I lacked of idea how to make it as design….. Congratulation to you, great design, would like to purchase it without second thought, and of course, with heart beat. From side view looks like roof of Japanese / Chinese temple. The liquid can be use as balance indicator. Overall design looks futuristic traditional art in different perspective my opinion. The rating deserves above 4.5. C’mon guys, rate this up! 5* from me.


  4. how strong would the glass tubes be? what if you hit something? would it shatter? how durable can it be made to ensure that it sustains the wear and tear of everyday activity?


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