Pirates! – A bloody LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says “The Skull and Crossbones on a black background, ‘Jolly Roger’ is instantly recognizable as the calling card of pirates throughout history.  From Blackbeard and Henry Morgan, to Calico Jack Rackham and Captain Kidd, most all pirates would fly a variation of the Jolly Roger to strike fear in the hearts of their quarry.”

The Gunshot splatter marks the hours, while the line of drips marks the minutes.  Hours 2,4, and 8, 10 are marked by cross bones instead of the traditional 12, 3, 6, 9 of most analog clocks.  The analog movement of the watch could be accomplished with hands of transparent plexiglass on a white background.

The wide leather strap, dual clasps, and of course the chalk-white skull splattered with blood all amount to a distinctive statement of pirate style.


22 thoughts on “Pirates! – A bloody LED Watch Design

  1. This watch is real, do u sell it already? Because I want to buy it right now! Actually I am not a fan for leather strap but without details, I am certain that I am a fan of this bloody pirate watch. Ready to sail captain? ps: on 12:00 It looks cruelty cool…


  2. I love this watch design. Would totally buy, not because I’m a huge pirate fan but because it’s an awesome design. It’s so simple and clean. I like the thick leather wrist strap, very pirate-y. Awesome concept yet again, Cory!


  3. This is crazy and awesome!
    I would buy it for sure.

    Very creative and great design there, heck I will be forced to learn to read blind watches but heck I’m up to it.
    I rated 5!


  4. Hello Cory, this is not a watch for wimps! ah ah ah

    A rather watch for young people, like particular projects, it is!


  5. Great looking watch Cory, can see it being a big hit with the younger TF fans as well as those like myself who are young at heart (and possibly a few Somalians :p). Personally like the double clasp a lot, nice wide strap will offer a lot of support, essential if your swinging a longsword or firing a blunderbuss!


  6. I do love: the case, the strap, the presentation, the white and red display, the idea and the fact it can be made by traditional mechanisms

    One little concern, maybe I didn’t look at it long enough, but times like 3:14 (times where the both hands overlap in boneless areas) cannot be read clearly mostly. But I just realized… when a watch hand cant be seen, it must be hidden under the other watch hand… d’oh! Anyway, it’s a cool watch and it’s fun!

    Maybe it comes out with Pirates of the Carribean 5 😉

    Final statement: ARRRRRRRRR!


  7. Thanks folks! There be pirates here!

    Sidenote: -LED tag +Analog tag; the skull is a transparency which shows through to the bloodsplats, and a white background.

    I’ll render up a cut away when I get home tonight to give a better idea of the inner workings of the watch.

    ARRRRRRRRRRRR, ye scurvy dogs!


  8. Very nice. 5*

    Quick question though… How do you do your straps? I myself make the flat object and apply a ~280° bend modifier to it, but it never turns out right. It looks as if you wrap your strap around a capsule…


  9. I use blender’s Spline IK solver to bend the object around where I want the curve to be, this creates a bend that is pretty natural looking.

    This technique works on both metal watch links and leather straps.

    I do know that the Max Bend modifier has a “upper limit” and “lower limit” setting which would do a similar thing.


    • >the Max Bend modifier has a “upper limit” and “lower limit” setting which would do a similar thing< Correct. I must say, the straps do look always simple always but for me they are the most tricky part. There are always so many possibilities and you have to find good proportions.


    • Ah ha! I’ve found the trick to bend the strap properly in 3ds max. Spoiler alert.

      1: make a link and duplicate it (n) times. Attach these links together to form a partial watch band.
      2: duplicate your band objects three times and move 2 of your band objects to either side of the watch face.
      3: change the pivot point of these objects to the point where it makes contact with the face.
      4: select one of the band objects and apply a 180° bend modifier to it. Repeat for the other.
      5: move the third band object into position in the gap formed by bending the other 2 parts. Cut the extra band away with a box object Boolean.

      Just in case anyone reading this uses 3ds max and has trouble with bending the strap, this seems to work great.

      Sorry for the not-Jolly-Roger-related-comments Cory! But I do love this watch design and I want to see it made!


      • Hey it’s getting more and more professional in here 😉

        I can recommend the slice modifier instead of the box object boolean. It’s easier and more flexible.
        You just need to build a half strap. If you use the symmetry modifier, you can mirror it to the other side of the case. That works fine with segmented straps. Soft straps (with their special fastener) need some more attention…

        Yeah we need a forum!

        Ehm, so at least a little on topic comment: Still like the watch, arrrrrrr!


    • Thanks Ferox! In the words of Jack Sparrow “why is the Rum gone?!”

      Jolly Roger watch, that’s why! Cheers!


  10. Yoho! ****YES! Great watch, cool display. The pirates of the caribbean series seems to go on forever, so please make this watch!


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