LED Bars Lady Concept Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is based on Laszlo’s older design, LED Bars Concept Watch Design.  The bracelet is made of semi-translucent plastic and the LEDs are visible only when active.

It has a variation of black body with red LEDs and white body with blue ones, both having a chrome strip running on both sides.  The setting button is placed on the back cover of the watch, next to the battery lid.

The LEDs on the left side indicate hours, the ones on the right indicate minutes (both stripes show 5-minute groups, top stripes are single minutes).


23 thoughts on “LED Bars Lady Concept Watch Design

  1. Another watch design I wish could’ve been made before Mother’s Day. My mom would absolutely love this. 5 stars good sir!!!!


  2. it’s beautiful, please made it happen. i love the simple stylish from this design, there’re like inspired by the iphone. doesn’t matter if it’s label as lady watch. i still buy it for mysel;f.


  3. Wow this is a really great design! Its really futuristic and still easy to read! I could see people wearing this in 20 years :o!


  4. I’m not a girl, but I do like this design. Such a fashionable piece of work!

    One little thing disturbs me: the middle knob. A thin chrome line would look better for me… Oh wait… I’m still not a girl hehehe. Anyway: very good!


  5. This and its male counterpart are absolutely gorgeous – I’d love to see both come to life.

    There’s a joke there about why only the woman’s version could have a button compared to the man’s version, but that’s best left unsaid. 😉

    Seriously though – as feminine as this design is, if the male edition isn’t produced and this one is, I’d seriously consider buying the black one.


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