Magnetic Steel Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

This watch design tells the time like a standard analog watch, the difference is in how it does it.  Everyone’s done the school physics experiment where you pour iron fillings on a paper with a magnet underneath.  Anders says that that was the inspiration for this concept.  A blank face sprinkled with steel particles.

Hands beneath the face of the watch rotate a pair of electrodes each, which draw the steel particles to them when they are activated by the wearer shaking the watch or pressing a button.  The shaking would also distribute the particles, making it possible for the magnets to catch them.

This version is a feminine, bracelet-like design with metal armband links clamped onto a leather band, making it easier to manufacturer and to adjust the length.  The concept could easily be adjusted to a more masculine look by enlarging the body and changing the look of the links.

There are two versions of the face, one dark lit by a UV light with particles covered in fluorescent paint and one backlit by an OLED panel with particles matching the other metal.

This watch concept would appeal to people who appreciate applied physics, and the chance to wear it on their wrist.


8 thoughts on “Magnetic Steel Watch Design

  1. The point of these watches is to keep the tradition of Tokyo flash of futureistic styles and it’s unique artistic designs. Some of these designes are very traditional and also makes it easy for the coustomer to read the time not to make it challengeable. Or else what’s the point on buying it. To all those designers make it traditional in Tokyo flash way don’t go over board with you designs. It’s the tome reading that’s important.
    Thank you I bet the head design of Tokyo flash would also agree.


  2. D*mn Anders you had a similar idea like me, hehehe. I like the way you think 😀 Now I’m not sure if I should develop my idea… Anyway, you break borders again and created an eye catcher.

    Are OLED panels really that thin and are they “immune” to magnets?I think you can use some LEDs in the frame to light up the display easily.

    If I imagine a more masculine, less jewelry like watch, I think I would buy it indeed.

    Girls come here and look at this watch!

    @ Jonathan: I’d suggest you comment to the watches which make you think, instead of a general statement. I agree with the “not overoard” in terms of feasibility. I don’t agree with the “traditional in Tokyoflash way” – it is about adding fresh new ideas to the catalog and not just repeat the past. Why buying a wrist watch anyway these days? If you have phone in your pocket, you have all you need (time, data, music….). The challenge of time reading is one thing that makes you buy TF watches. The other thing is, they look cool on your wrist – they are fashionable.


    • Thanks Sam!

      Of course you should develop it! I’d definately like to see it…

      As for OLED’s I’m not actually sure about dimensions or EM sensitivity, but I’m pretty sure they can be made pretty thin (as far as I know they’re basically stacked layers of film…

      It actually turned out more feminine than I planned, and I’m glad you can see beyond the styling!

      Good points too, we do seem to think alike…=) Though for some reason I think your concepts tend to score higher than mine…=) But I’ll keep trying…


  3. Love the concept, but not the design. Make sure you don’t wear magnetic bracelet at the same time or wrist u wear this watch design. According to my idea, the magnetic effect can be more interesting than this though. I acknowledge that this concept is yours, Anders. Curious what area of science or physic would you incorporate on your next design. A must yes and 5* for this, concept (and again, not the design ;b ). Good luck 😉


    • Thanks for the comment Firdaus (and the 5)! I’m glad you like the concept if not the design (very much a matter of taste, after all)…=)

      As for my next design, I hope you’ll be surprised…=)


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