Pop-out Compass Watch Design

Design submitted by Jordan from Canada.

Jordan wanted something new with features unlike any other watches and he thought of extending the face up-arm, but that was not visually appealing so he made a pop-out.

The face is always on meaning you do not need to press a button to activate the lights.  The face itself has only one arm but instead of reading the minutes near to the current hour, you read the minutes on the side opposite of the current hour.

The face may or may not have lines for each minute, but Jordan left those lines on this concept design.  The button on the right side of the face opens the side compartment which has a compass and a mini-USB slot for convenient storage.

Check out this video link to see the cool feature!


15 thoughts on “Pop-out Compass Watch Design

  1. Honestly, it’s not bad. @Peter you could probably get close enough, but that’s fair to say…

    The popout is cool, I don’t think you were able to showcase this as well as you may have hoped.

    Your designs are great and so are your ideas, but improving your rendering skills would make all the difference.

    3* from me. Keep on posting.


  2. I dont know where to start. I’m in a critical mood today, so I hope you don’t mind and use this 🙂

    Ok there is some development necessary. The pop-out feature is not needed. Include the compass in the watch face and make people marvel.

    “but instead of reading the minutes near to the current hour, you read the minutes on the side opposite of the current hour” No? It’s a one handed watch. The opposite hand is just decoration. The time reading is very inaccurate (60 minutes in 5° and NO indicators for at least 10 minute steps. Btw you cannot show each single minute, it’s not a design decsision, its just not possible: that you be lines with a thickness of 0,08mm).

    The usb storage is ok. But why is it there? Just to save some files on the watch? This feature seems to be a bit misplaced. Make a USB port wich is charging and file port at the same time, then it has enough reason to be there.

    I am working on a compass concept. The most obvious question is: Why? If you have an analog watch and a sun, you can easily figure out where north is. Besides that, knowing where north is, is not very thrilling, is it?

    Ok I through for now. Hope this helps 😉


    • Your completely right. Pop-out not needed, hard to read accurately, out of place USB storage… This design was my “one-day-design” and the minute after I submitted it, I regretted it.

      What I really wanted to do with this concept was make a speedometer-type design, which I still hope to do. Unfortunately, I am distracted easily and I’m not all too artistic.

      I know this design isn’t good, per say, but I’m learning and improving (hopefully) from all of you here on the blog.

      Thanks for all your help Sam. It’s great having a great designer like you help me out 🙂


      • Oh I think a real designer would wrinkle his forehead when looking at some of my designs, hehehe. It’s a hobby and I also can’t think about everything. All I can give you is my personal point of view. Other people might see it different 🙂 I also learn much from the blog. I appreciate the opinions here very much. And it’s cool we have a platform to show our ideas.


      • 🙂 As it happens, 3ds Max is just a program I want to learn to use, and if I make a killer watch design while learning, then all the better 😉

        Thanks again Sam.


  3. I am confused with Jordan or Jordair. But this watch design also makes me confused, why u make it that way? Break the wall on your brain so more idea can come in and your imagination may goes outside the box. Should you need more consultation feel free to contact me as I am always feel handful to help. The challenge is to climb, but there always be another mountain…


    • Your sounding quite masterful Firdaus. I (Jordan) adopted the nickname Jordair when I was younger. I never use my word press account to post though, so I’ll change my screen name to Jordan if it helps make you less confused.

      The design is made this way to help me improve my 3ds skills (cutting a certain portion out of the watch and making it slide) and also because I thought a pop-out would be quite cool. Apparently, it is not so.

      Thanks for your offer. I’ll keep it in mind. Help is always appreciated.



      • No I am not. I am not even a designer on job nor I am good at design. But its always good to share thought on things we interest.


      • Don’t be too hard on yourself – I like the idea of a slide-out; I’m just not convinced this was the best platform to use. Also, the simplicity is neat, but the execution is confusing – especially given that your examples seem to give no indication of how the minutes are determined (if the first image is a correct example, wouldn’t the time on the second be 11:25?)

        I’m a fan of seeing more analog and analog style watches, so I hope to see your next attempt.

        Also, sorry for posting my reply and comment as a reply here – first time on this blog, couldn’t find a post a new comment equivalent, and wanted to specifically address the slide-out feature.


      • Well welcome to the blog Kaze 🙂 don’t worry about the reply thing, it’s no big deal.

        The single hand has a dark tip and a light tip. The dark tip points to the hour like a normal analog watch does, and the light tip points to the minute, as a normal analog watch does. It’s hard to determine the exact minute because of design flaws, but the watch is pretty much a one-hand analog watch.

        Thanks for your input 🙂


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