Shaded Time Digital Watch Design

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

‘Shadow’ is the theme of this design.  The shadows of the displayed numbers show time in easy digital format.

The display uses a backlit LCD screen.  Time is read with hours on top and minutes at the bottom.  There are four buttons that easily control backlight, date, and alarm.  It’s a simple time read with style!


4 thoughts on “Shaded Time Digital Watch Design

  1. +Definitely an eye catcher and easy to make.
    +The combination between round case and square numbers with this inter-shape is interesting.
    +The design can come in dozens of colors.
    +easy to read and funny obscuration of the numbers
    +unisex style

    -Optional negative display would be good.
    -The numbers could be a little smaller (that their outer corners are aligned with the display corners), but that pretty pedantic 😉
    -The case could be less thick so the proportions are more light.
    -I think white goes better with cyan and magenta.

    Overall impression is good. I can see that in the shop. But I’m pretty picky so after some changes I would buy it.


  2. I think this design is, above okay. Overall impression is okay. The verdict : it is okay to buy it.


  3. I’m sorry but the overall theme of this is too cheesy. It looks like something you find in a department store. It behaves like a Ralph Lauren polo shirt: people only buy it for the logo and here the logo is Kisai.


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