Nanoblock Concept Watch

Design submitted by Nemoto san from Japan.

Denmark’s famous toy block LEGO has released an analog Lego block watch and Nemoto san has thought how Japan’s toy block, Nanoblock, will look as a watch.  He chose Nanoblock for this design because of the 4mm size per block.

The concept of this watch design is freedom of time.  Since the surface is covered with raised dots, you can play using Nanoblocks and fit this watch to any model made of Nanoblocks.  An included accessory of a base plate with band can be fit to make it as a wrist watch.  The LED display shows digital time when activated.  All photo samples show time as 12:34.

This watch design is made simple with interesting compatibility with Nanoblocks.


12 thoughts on “Nanoblock Concept Watch

  1. Hi bill.
    Those images are bit hard to read.
    3x5dots are one figure.
    Of course, If you can see from just up side, read a time easily.



  2. + Many color variations possible
    + Lego-theme is fun

    – Too hard too read. Why using this little bit and not the full, inner circle?
    – I want to see a strap. You seem to have some skillz and you waste them, when you just show us just a little bit
    – If you advertise “you can play using Nanoblocks and fit this watch to any model made of Nanoblocks” then show it please! There are so many possibilites! I thought about such an idea, and I would show the different ways it can look like.
    – Tokyoflash needs to buy the rights to make such a watch (No problem, if this watch would be awesome. I just mentioned it for the protocol)

    This concept needs to be developed further… because its cool but not enough. I support it, because I’m optimistic 🙂


  3. Hi, Sam

    I understand not enough this concept to be completion.
    And I knew “nanoblock analog watch” exists in Japan, recently.
    (Really recent,it’s today…)
    So, I am perplexed now…

    But, there is remaining “re-design” chance, I think.

    Thank you for your support!!

    Band/Belt’s design is hard for me.
    I’d like to conquer that.


    • どういたしまして。 Yes, I can see why it is hard to complete the watch. But I think most people son see beyond what is shown :I I checked the Lego/Nanoblock watchs in the internet. They are for kids and they are boring. There can be done so much more with this topic.

      What program do you use to create this design?


      • I like to imagine mechanism of moving and display.
        But,I am unimaginable to design belt,buckle,and so on…

        I use LightWave7.5 to make CG image.
        I can make CGs what I hit on a image.




      • そうですね。Well I can say, that any fresh idea is welcome here 🙂 If you can draw or if you can give a detailed description of your imagination, you can also come here.



      • あきのり is 明憲.
        ねもと is 根本.
        Nemoto is family name.

        I have a twitter account named “sqNEMO”.
        If you are interested in me, please check twitter 😉
        However, my tweet is almost Japanese.


  4. Hello Nemoto, the concept is interesting, with a sight of top, for reading l’ hour and with a bracelet, by curiosity.
    YES, to see the full development.


    • Hi,Firdaus.

      I think so.
      To be realized that put up table or wall clock base by Nanoblock.
      But it is a bit small.




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