Droplet pendant watch for Ladies

Design submitted by Heather from the USA

When I first designed the Droplet pendant watch for Ladies, I thought about how when  drawing round objects to make them look 3D, it often helps to include a reflection  on the curved surface. On a long chain, it’s easy for the wearer to turn it around  to see the time, yet still have a neat looking fashion accessory.


Based on comments from its first appearance on the blog, I have made a few  revisions.  There are now some subtle hour markers at 12, 3, 6, and 9 to ease reading, and all time reading is clockwise.


The time telling is based on traditional analog placement.  Inside larger markings  for hours, outside smaller for 5 minute groups, and around the perimeter, 4 single minutes.

This pendant watch is meant for ladies of the future.  It could also be adapted as a pocket watch for men, perhaps by giving it a thick masculine chain.  Various color choices will appeal to many:  WINE, WATER, HONEY, LOVE POTION, LIQUID LUCK. I also heard a suggestion for a black version called OIL.

This design stands out because it is telling time in an easy way, but appears to be a simple accessory.

droplet2-wine-821with-lens droplet2-water-1238with-lens droplet2-love-potion-402with-lens droplet2-liquid-luck1159with-lens droplet2-honey-1030with-lens

6 thoughts on “Droplet pendant watch for Ladies

  1. This is extremely cool. I love the functional jewelry aspect of it. I think keeping the size small enough so it does look more like a jewelry item, but big enough to be readable without being garish looking will be important. Overall I think this is a fantastic idea and a great design.


  2. The time seeming to be reflection of light is a really impressive aspect of this design. I love the fact that it is so unusual, but still very easy to read.
    I know a number of women who love the look of TF watches but find them to be too large. This may be just the watch for them.
    In the increasing popularity of smartwatches, watches that are physically very different are just what TF needs to include in its catalog – this is perfect for that.
    Great design Heather.

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  3. Still a cute and fashionable idea! Nice names for the different versions. I wonder if there should be an upside down mode… when you wear it, you’d probably look at it with the pointed part down. The indicators need to be neutral then. Maybe it doesn’t matter ^^


  4. I’m probably not the target market for this design but I can appreciate it nether the less.
    The time telling is much improved on the earlier version. This design would suit transparent LCD for that liquidy look 🙂


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