Cryptic Digits 09 LCD watch

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says:  After I’ve seen Laszlo’s fantastic Inverse LCD watch I also wanted to create a cryptic watch face of my own. Digits09 uses a new style LCD digits but it works traditionally.

Digits09 basic

I used a 3×3 matrix screen for Hours/Months, Minutes/Days, Seconds, AM-PM-Date indicator and Days. It is a simple and classical design with new digits.

I’m not interested in cryptic watch faces, but a lot of people like it. Its futuristic style is for the youngsters. These cryptic digits are a new creation by me.

Digits09 Full Digits09 setting Digits09 sample3 Digits09 sample2 Digits09 sample1

4 thoughts on “Cryptic Digits 09 LCD watch

  1. I like this Robert. May I suggest an option that offers a separate color for the day and am/pm, to give the layout some more asymmetry?


  2. I really like your numbering system. The overall design works really well with it. The only nitpick I’d have is maybe it would look better without the blocks separated, but that’s neither here nor there. I think it would work well either way. This is a great looking design with some great potential.


  3. Very clever design with a funky take on stacked numbers. Takes a little while to get your eye in but worth the effort. Will be super cryptic for the un-initiated. Fine work sir, best of luck 🙂


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