Hypersphere futuristic electro-luminescent watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says:  Hypersphere is a retro-futuristic always-on LCD watch with a unique geometric display on a black leather and steel cuff.


The LCD segments created by intersecting lines and circles form an intricate background for the bold foreground time display.

Segments are joined to form vertical stripes to display the hours, 1-12, from left to right; large outer discs mark the 5-minute groups, 0-55, at their normal clock positions; and four small inner discs indicate additional minutes, 1-4.

The overall effect is an easy-to-read display on a complex background.  My goal in designing Hypersphere was to use the gaps between LCD segments as a major visual element.  This type of display would look great with the uniform illumination of an electroluminescent backlight.

hypersphere-2 hypersphere-3

17 thoughts on “Hypersphere futuristic electro-luminescent watch

    • Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, it is a little alien looking, maybe like astronomical observations from another world’s perspective.

      (I see I made a typo: the example that reads 3:20 should read 3:25.)


  1. I love the display idea. At first it just looked completely random and chaotic, but after a quick look at the instructions it’s completely logical. I really like the futuristic/sci fi vibe it gives off. This would definitely have a place in my collection. Great job.


  2. interesting idea. maybe better done as an e-ink watch. for LCD the clock face would have to many segments to control and the required little gaps between them would fragment the minute-shperes and the hour-bar.


    • Thanks for your feedback, but I don’t think there are too many segments to control, since Tokyoflash’s Optical Illusion watch used very many more. As for the gaps, you are looking at them above in grey. They do not fragment the hour-bars or minute-spheres — the bars and spheres are made of gaps, it is a negative display.


  3. Well thought through display again Logan. A proper segmentation can be quite some work. I’d wish for thinner gaps for a weaker flower look. What about letting all be black and the time be green? Then the bar and the circles alone would be segmented. Showing the whole segmentation at once would give away the mystery. Having the inverted display would be more mysterious in my eyes. The cool thing is: this can be done already and it could be an aditional display mode.

    Check my suggestion here:


  4. cool display Logan! I like the patterns left by the segments. I would be happy with either the original or Sam’s suggestion. If you had the ability to invert the display then you would get the best of both worlds. 🙂


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