“Drift” watch employs a touch-sensitive triangular matrix

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says:  Many imaginings of the future have a distinct geometry.  The lines of this watch will make you feel a part of it.


Thin and bright LED lines draw the time on a futuristic grid.  The gray steel body fuses seamlessly with the integrated soft rubber strap.  The watch is smooth all over.  Swipe up or down to show the time.  Double-tap when the time is shown to enter time-setting mode.  No buttons.  Charge over USB to keep the case narrow and sleek.  This is DRIFT.


When you wake up in deep space and look outside, what do you see?  If you can picture the unknown future drawn in lines of light, then this watch is for you.

DRIFT explores new forms using proven Tokyoflash technology.

drift-2 drift-3

8 thoughts on ““Drift” watch employs a touch-sensitive triangular matrix

  1. I really like this one, especially the cool thin, futuristic and slightly cryptic numbers and the ever present background crosshatch. Actually there are many little elements working together nicely for a positive overall impression. Would buy!


  2. I like the look of this and the numbers are sharp and modern, it would make a nice jewelry item that doubles as a watch. My only concern is that it reminds mea little of a narrow version of Adjust. If the face is more mettallic and less lens like it will be fine. Best of luck Logan 🙂


  3. I love the design of the numbers; cryptic at first glance, but easy to read. I see the band being somewhat similar to Seven. This is very cool, I’d definitely add one to my collection.


  4. I like the idea to have no buttons. I like the grid when the time is OFF.
    The digits are interesting: some are easier to understand, some are harder.
    I like how the 10-12 hours are made.
    The result is that the time will always be cryptic.

    I’d buy one.


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