Enigma watch encrypts the time with a subtle twist.

Design submitted by Timur from Kyrgyzstan.

Timur says: Dear colleagues, I have designed a new watch “ENIGMA”, which looks very mysterious at a first glance. However, once you understand how it works, it will become very simple and easy.

In this design each following figure is turned on 90 degrees, that`s why it could look mysterious in the beginning. Look, now it is 23.58 in the photo. As you can see the figure 3 which is following 2 turned on 90 degrees. After that next figures 5 and 8 also have turned on 90 degrees. When you understand this and your eyes will get adapted quickly.

8 thoughts on “Enigma watch encrypts the time with a subtle twist.

  1. Simple but a very classy & iconic looking design. Appealing choice of colours you have used.
    At first glance it looks like “2m” & I begin wondering what this code could mean – of course, that’s the Enigma 😉
    It’s a very attractive & well balanced layout – good work.

    Being LCD matrix, (if this were to be produced) we would almost certainly want to include some other display modes in the watch as it’s a very flexible type of screen.


  2. Hi Timur, without reading the answer, the riddle is very simple, especially for a regular of this type of reading.
    It’s a simple idea, but it works well, 5 * / Y.


  3. Looks quite cool Timur! Rotating some of the digits does add a simple cryptic element which should be easy enough for the mainstream but keeps with TF’s ethos. I would have liked to see a few more time examples but I can imagine what other numbers would look like. Another nice detail that would add to the theme would be to have some of the digits in negative. Best of luck! 😀


  4. Nice concept; charmingly retro. =) Not much to criticise really, it’s a pleasant idea executed well. The only slight problem I can see is that you’d need to be sure which direction the digits are rotated, otherwise it’s be easy to mix up the horizontal 2’s and 5’s… Nice work, and good luck with it! =)


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