Masquerade watch is a tribute to your favourite superhero!

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following concept is for a series of taking / speaking character watches inspired by the following iconic characters: Iron Man, Spider-man & Electronic Music super stars: Daft Punk. Construed in various material that suit / replicate the look / style of the character represented on the face / display.

The LED eye of each character display the Selected Volume Level 00-99.

The selected mode is spoken out when first/ when changed is spoken aloud by the watch when the user press the display face down into the watch case.Followed by the current alarm, time: 24 HR (Hour, Minutes, Seconds) Date: (Date, Month , Year). LED Mode Markers surround the character face visually displaying the selected mode. This watch also Connects to yor phone via Bluetooth

For Super Hero Comic book fans & Fans of the electronic Musical Duo: Daft Punk

The bracelet: Masquerade, is constructed using normal manufacturing methods however the talking face is 3-D printed. This means that complex shapes can be created with expensive production methods. Furthermore Other Characters could be creates: The Terminator, Predator, Batman, Joker Etc. Only the imagination would be the limit of how this concept could be developed.

12 thoughts on “Masquerade watch is a tribute to your favourite superhero!

  1. I think there are a lot of possibilities with superhero themed watches, especially with those characters that do have gadget watches of some kind, so you can wear the real thing. (Gatchaman)

    A good direction to go with this would be to have a subtle styling which looked part of the costume. I sometimes think that the Kisai Maru watch (red one) looks like something Ironman would wear, more so if it had a blue glowing screen like his power core.

    There are some nice touches to these images, but I feel they are too literal. For example, most people would not be daring enough to wear a watch with ironman’s mask on it, but they might wear a watch that looked like it was made from part of his wrist armour.


    • I wanted to create a character watch for adult fan boys. I Now realize that the look maybe a little bit too literal for some & it may have been better to focus on a section of Iron Man’s Armour as the wrist as you have suggested.
      So thanks for the input & posting of the Masquerade watch concept TF.


  2. I dont mind a bit of literal action myself as long as it is realively subtle. Im not too into colourful designs so I think all metal or all black versions would look nice and look less literal in the process. 5/Y (in monochrome) Best of luck 🙂


    • The more colorful editions of the masquerade watch series were created to match the characters they where inspired by Iron Man / Iron Patriot Spider-Man etc. How ever if more subdued color / materials: (IP /Metal) would be more to everyone liking then I am more than will to here some / your suggestions. Thanks for the 5 star Vote.


  3. It’s a neat idea, Andrew, but I find the bright colours a bit too much. I do think the suggestions from both Pete and TF would be worth exploring. Anyway, 5* for bringing this to life.


    • The brighter edition may be a bit much for some I was trying to remain true to the characters I aiming to emulate, again if plainer colors / materials would win out over bright ones then that fine with me. Cheers for the support & 5 Star Vote Nev.


    • I realize that the Masquerade super hero / villain talking watches may not to be everyone’s taste Makkovik. As for the battery life issue this would be resolved by TF installing USB rechargeable Battery & Port so that can these watches be recharged via USB Cable (PC/ Mains) in 3 & 1/2 Hours.


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