Perspective watch emulates Tetris

Design submitted by Valentin from the USA.

Valentin says: I was going through my many designs that haven’t submitted and found this one I designed a while ago. I came up with this one when I was more into vintage video games and stuff. don’t really know what to call it. I though maybe something like “arcade” “perspective” or “emulator”? I don’t know since it really just is all that at once.

Pretty much this watch tells the time and date by tilting it a certain angle revealing the time. if you were to see the watch directly you wouldn’t be able to tell the time. but by tilting it you can easily decipher it. this watch has endless animations due to its square display that fits pretty much every type of application. but one that I really want this watch to do is able to play TETRIS with the help of the side buttons with multi command’s for every other application that this watch could possibility do.

I see people with huge desire of uniqueness and pretty much the only watch in the world like it. and people who like vintage video games. and for a really nice KISAI watch like no other made yet.

This watch has the capability among many different application’s. and many other games besides TETRIS.

13 thoughts on “Perspective watch emulates Tetris

  1. Great job on the video & images Valentin. It gives a very complete feel for the watch & helps me understand the perspective element perfectly.

    At first I was a bit worried about the tilt/perspective action to read the watch. As with our Upload watch, its a cool mechanic/illusion but at the same time can be a frustrating barrier to reading the time. As shown in your video it is a nice effect & i think some people will appreciate that puzzle more than others.

    Tetris of course is super cool! & this would be a huge selling point for the watch.


  2. Thank you very much for posting!:D about the perspective effect. I think their could also be a easy to read feature on the watch that would just show the time using all the LEDs to present the numbers without tilting the watch for fast easy time readability?


  3. Since the A-B buttons of the watch might wear off easily, playing the game in the watch might not be advisable unless if the buttons are durable


  4. Hi Valentin, Nice groovey design sir! I like the faceted shape of the lights that give you the option of the perspective mode, very clever and simple idea. Tetris would be a nice bonus (and other games for that matter) The geometry of the case and strap is also very funky. Very nice work sir 5/Y Best of luck! 🙂


  5. I also love the idea of showing time and date on the same display – very clever. I don’t usually look at the date on my watch, but this would make me want to!
    I like the game display idea and Tetris would work well, but I would probably only use it to show people that the watch can do this rather than actually playing it.
    Strap looks good too.
    Great design, Valentin – good luck and 5y.


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