Genesis watch honours the birth of video games

Design submitted by Brad from the USA.

Brad says: Video games have long been a part of my life. Today’s games have incredible graphics and story telling power, but some of the real old school games are the ones that made big impressions on me. This is a watch designed to honor some of the old shooter arcade games. This is the Genesis.

Time telling is simple. The LED’s light the figures to display the current time. When activated the lights scroll side-to-side shortly before settling in the middle to help in reading the time.

This watch is meant for everyone. Lovers of the 80’s, gamers old and new, hipsters, geeks, nerds, the fashion savvy, and everyone in between.

This is a fun design that will hopefully bring smiles to faces, good conversation, and warm fuzzy memories.

21 thoughts on “Genesis watch honours the birth of video games

  1. This is an epic idea!! Being a gamer myself, one that has been there pretty much since the beginning of games and home video systems, this ticks every box for me. Nice slick looking design and super easy to tell the time. Top marks from me. 5* Y 1up bonus round and extra life!! YES!!

    Did I mention I’d buy it lol


  2. I am enjoying the video game trend we are seeing this week 🙂
    I was addicted to ‘Galaxian’ as a small boy so I can certainly empathise with the warm-fuzzies you mention.

    My suggestion for this watch is to (perhaps) use LCD. Either a multi-colour LCD or have tinted lens to create the rows of red, yellow, blue – this way the watch can always be on.

    The strap design seems to fit perfectly with the theme – I can’t quite put my finger on why… but it seems very appropriate. Perhaps it invokes memories of early 80’s styling?

    This is an excellent idea in my book. One I would definitely wear. 5*/Y


    • Thanks for posting the design Tokyo. I think there are a lot like us out there with great memories of classic games 🙂 This was a fun design to work on.

      The LCD suggestion is interesting. I thought LED would have a feel of looking at an arcade screen. I have to admit though, that I don’t really understand all the display tech very well. As long at the soul of the design was there I’d be happy.


    • “The strap design seems to fit perfectly with the theme – I can’t quite put my finger on why… but it seems very appropriate. Perhaps it invokes memories of early 80′s styling?”

      at least for me, the repeated pattern of angular edges, instantly reminded me of the line of trapezoid function keys at ATARI XE computers.


  3. There has been a few video game inspired designs on the blog over the years which re-affirms (to me anyway) there is a niche/market for such a concept. This looks really cool and gives me a nice nostalgic feeling and I can only agree with most of what has already been said. So best of luck and 5/Y 🙂


  4. Time telling is easy on this, which will add to its appeal for many.
    It is a polished design and certainly looks like the annoying games. I am afraid they were so annoying that I wouldn’t want a watch that reminds me of them, but I can see that this will be a popular design.
    It has been well thought out and the design certainly looks right. I also think the strap works well with this design – nice one.
    Good luck with it and 5* for the great design work, even though it is not for me.


  5. Even that I would not wear such retro-game watch, the idea is fun and I like it. and I’m sure it would attract a lot of fans.
    I like TF’s suggestion of using a multi color LCD. this fits the retro style, allows an always on operation and some additional ship and projectile positions to run animations from time to time. i.e. every 10 minutes our heroic defender could shoot the 9 blue fellows into space dust. and every full hour using the secondary weapon also the 5 yellow guys and the red ones too when switching from 9:59 to 10:00 and 19:59 to 20:00 in 24h mode.
    and when time changes from 12:59 to 1:00 or 23:59 to 0:00 a power-up could blast away the entire invader fleet. maybe showing “loading next level …” the first minute in 24h mode, when no enemy ships are on display.
    and some 80’s synthesizer tunes as an hour chime option ?

    good luck 🙂


    • Exactly like it….
      but… not… even……. close. 😦

      In fact, it’s only similar if “Arcade” is the commonality…

      Very Nice Design BRAD!!


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