Vortex watch has the time sucked into a hole

Design submitted by Valentin from the USA.

Valentin says: The polygon is my favorite shape so I decided to make a watch with a polygon led format, I called it Vortex.

Each side of the polygon is a led. the led’s light up making a spinning motion revealing each number when it makes one revolution, when the number is revealed, the led’s flash, showing a flashing number, then makes another revolution to reveal the next number and so forth till all four digits are revealed telling the time/date, the revolutions are counter clock wise following the led vortex design. also with a fade option for faster time reading.

People with a desire for unique fashion. people who want to set apart from the rest and stand out, receiving countless compliments, and a very cool watch from tfj.

The watch has a touch sensitive button on the front for a fast and easy time readability. and a motion sensor to show time with a flick of the wrist.

11 thoughts on “Vortex watch has the time sucked into a hole

  1. Very creative idea. Those chunky LED blocks twisting into the vortex would look awesome i think. And, the time is pretty easy to read. Personally I am not a fan of sequential time reading …6….3…5… BUT, in this case I think the effect of the watch outweighs that point.

    I don’t think we ever had a design using large illuminated LED bricks like this before… its quite original & would look great on your wrist.


  2. When I saw the little preview image I said: “ok bought”. The look is a clever mix of classic and futuristic.

    Now let’s see what the time telling method is, now that I bought the watch… wow, really nice!! I do like hexagonal numbers without middle segment 😉 Sequential time reading is not for everyone but the look… the looooook!

    The actual simplicity of the design and the little complexity (cool vortex look coming from stacking the led bars) are pretty tokyoflashy. Very nice job in my eyes. It’s like a fusion of the watches Spider and Xtal. 5*/YES


  3. Hi Valentine, I like much the graphic way to read the hour, for the sequential part, I had made a project with the blinking of the green eyes of small Alien, that you can see on the right of my signature, I have a doubt about the ease of reading, the best thing would be to make a model and to test near several people “Geek” to have an opinion before the production.
    5* and Yes, I like much the provision of LEDs.


  4. Now that I think of it the sequential stuff is a bit of a hassle. I was trying my best to describe how the watch would work lol. If it’s best not to be a option I guess it would be better to not incorporate it into the watch for people’s preference. I don’t want it to limit the watch for some people. . If I could animate it would be a huge help for me haha it would save me a huge part on explaining how it works haha. Thanx for all of your options guys!!:)


  5. You’ve put 2 features I don’t like in watches into this one: a hole in the centre and sequential numbers, so I ought to hate it, but it is such a great design and looks so good, I actually love it!
    From the numbers to the case & strap, it all comes together really well.
    I’ll have one of the green on black ones, please.
    Good luck and 5y.


  6. Funky look, funky digits and a hexy shape, I cant find much that I don’t like. I think the 8 digits could be more 8 like somehow but that is a minor gripe! best of luck sir! 😀


  7. Thanx a lot for your support Pete!!:) I realy like your helix design watch too. I realy hope they make that watch I realy want one!!


  8. The overall look is good. I like the detailed band.

    I’m not a fan of the digits. I’d prefer a 9 LED’s divided as 1/2/5/9 lighting in a “circle”.

    I’m not a fan of sequential time reading, unless there’s a series of lights that indicate which is on, between 10’s H / 1’s H / 10’s M / 1’s M. (here it could be 4 LED’s in the corners of the logo)

    In Ex: My 43rd – 45th designs: https://www.facebook.com/MinakiDesign/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums
    There’s also some short videos


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