Discreet & minimal watch with natural materials

Design submitted by Jacques from The Netherlands.

Jacques says: In a quest for a minimalistic watch I excluded all time reading functionality from the front of the watch and placed it on the side.

It’s actually just a very minimalistic watch on where the time can be read on the side. The dot light represents the hour hand and the ring light the minute hand. The time can be read rather easy but this of course also depends on the hour of the day.

The time reading functionality on the side leaving the front blank, creates a surprising effect, compared to the many watches that have frontal displays with numerous clocks and pointers etc.

12 thoughts on “Discreet & minimal watch with natural materials

  1. It’s a really nice looking watch, very tasteful & a nice combination of materials.

    I understand the need for a subtle method of time telling, but I feel that this may be a little too awkward to use, as you would have to twist your wrist around looking for the dots.

    I would suggest taking the Night Vision wood solution & have the LEDs below the wood, only lighting up when needed.

    Otherwise, it is a great looking watch & celebrates minimal, I just feel it needs a little more ease of use for the wearer.


  2. The design is very minimalist, sleek and has an organic and soft look to it. Although it is an interesting idea to put lights around the watch to tell time, it would be very difficult in actuality to use it. If you had anything on the face of the watch as well to tell the time in addition to the lights on the side, then it would definitely attract attention.

    Like TF mentioned, in the front you could have LED’s under the wood.

    You could have | for hours and [ ] for minutes on the face “| [ ]” and these correspond to the closed and open circle LED’s “o ( )” on the sides of the watch. (Kind of hard to put in words)

    As much as a watch can be made cryptic and interesting, the functionality of a watch is to tell time. The ability to do so at a glance needs to be key in the design.

    Good luck, I would definitely like to see a revamped version of this watch!


  3. Hi Jacques, I agree with TF Studio and Kloryc, a watch has a primary function: “tell time, even cryptic with a view perpendicular to the dial.”
    By cons, your 3D rendering is exceptional, it deserves 5 ​​* / Yes.


  4. The renderings are superb.
    I love the look of the watch, but do see the point others are making about readability. I can see two ways around this:

    1. Keep the display on the current strip around the edge, but move the bottom part out so the display is visible from above (in other words have it as an extension of the wooden edge).

    2. The wood edge is already sloping away, so display the dot and ring through that wood, as suggested above. You would have to loose the Kisai strip (or move it) for this – it would look even more minimalistic (and better) if it were just a wood face.

    The second would probably be the best and would allow a thinner watch case.

    I would definitely go for this if made, so good luck and 5y.


  5. So simple ❤ Two images tell everything. The first image makes you go "ok nicey, where is the time?" and the second one "ah I see, pretty cool" – just like you would show the watch to a friend.

    Ok you might hurt yourself reading hours 11,12 and 1 (or minutes 55-05) because your arm can't do so much (try it at home) but pfft it's not impossible and the design is consequent. 5*/YES

    I see the point of having the LEDs under the wood but this design up there is more honest. It's a plate of wood plus a display, not something that tries to be both.

    I must add: very nice images, oh yes


  6. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions. Very helpful, much appreciated.

    About the trouble of telling time, yeah I can relate to that. Might be fun first but can cause some frustration on the long term. However, I do think the blank front of the watch is an important feature of the design and I like to keep it like that as much as possible.

    @Nev: Your first suggestion I like best. Like to keep the time reading on the side, and also make it readable on the front.

    About the led-light behind the wood, I agree with Samukun, the separation of both elements contributes to the simplicity of the design. So it would not be my first choice, but I will look into it when making a redesign soon, perhaps with some variations, have some ideas 🙂



  7. I love the simple clean look and unusual material choice. I agree with the consensus that the display would be a little tricky to read (especially when in a hurry) If it could be more easily read without wrist manipulation I would give it serious consideration if it was available to buy! Best of luck! 😀


  8. The reading position is too tricky & would make the wearer look like a fool while he search for the time. I like TF suggestion (see my reply). Using a full circle and a ring is good. Having no markers is problematic, specially with the minutes between two 5 minutes. PM/alarm/date lights could be added under the decorative plate.

    I like the decorative plate with the name. I like the wood part. Personally, I prefer darker wood color. (Dark sandal is the only currently used that I like. It actually made me modify my mind on wood watches) Or espresso/coffee.

    I know I say a lot that I hate wooden watches & I like this one. I’d like to specify my point of view: I don’t like 100% wood & wood band. Case in wood, if dark, is nice. Then, we have to find a good strap to compliment it. Textile is a good choice! NATO-style would be good too & is comfortable. (I have 1) I’m not sure about leather straps!

    Again, I’d like it more in a darker color, possibly in the same color as the lugs fixtures & decorative plate, or closer to it.

    With all that being said, I probably wouldn’t buy it because it share the same problems than regular analog watches. Which symbols = what (instead off: which hand = what)


  9. The concept is interesting, especially the materials, but I think its usability as it is raised is low if not zero. sometimes seek in minimalism and originality concepts that do not work in reality. Great renders.
    Good luck 🙂


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