Trinary watch combines LED, LCD & different time methods for ultra customisation.

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I seem to have developed a bit of a fondness for the 12/5/9 time telling method, which for me always suggest that the display should be split into three areas/segments (seems intuitive to do so)

I originally had an image in my head that was kind of performance car exhaust esc (think Pagani Zonda) but as I drew it up I realised that it resembled the warning sign for radiation.

This in turn made me think it would be nice if the three borders of my developing display could be illuminated. Then the final piece of the puzzle pinged into my tiny mind as I realised that the illuminated borders could also display information. “Trinary” was born.

The time is told (primarily) by three digital displays (or one display with a cover with three apertures) these digital displays tell the time or date in a 12/5/9 format. The the display borders home LEDs which can also display 12/5/9 format too. This allows for a combination of digital and LED displays which can show at the same time or individually, with the same time, two time zones or time and date or just time and animation. In an ideal world the colour of the LEDs could also be changed which would give the wearer a vast choice of combinations.

This combination of digital and LED display gives a range of effects that could suit a range of people. The colour full nature and small proportions should attract a varied market and the shape should suit a variety of colours and materials which should widen the appeal further.

The combination of digital and LED displays, animations and a wide range of colour and finish opportunities seperate this design from others.

16 thoughts on “Trinary watch combines LED, LCD & different time methods for ultra customisation.

  1. The 3 triangular viewports in the metallic disc look great here. To me, it reminds me of a space module, but I can also see the radioactive symbolism too.
    Love the illuminated borders. That opens up some exciting possibilities as you have illustrated; other time modes, seconds, countdown timer, silent alarm etc
    A nice balance too for case/display: a familiar form with an unconventional layout.


    • Cheers for posting and commenting Toky! Yeah hopefully this concepts strikes the balance of sober form with a Tokyoflashy twist. I don’t know how easy it would be to have the illuminated borders above/around the LCD display but fingers crossed such is possible as it could be quite a flexible arrangement. Cheers again πŸ˜€


  2. Hi Pete, I like the idea of ​​combining the LCD and LEDs (for my part, I try always) and your project is a good compromise.
    I no longer speak of the quality of the drawing with a hyper realistic rendering you suggest us to each new project. For the animations also, i like very much.
    Well, 5 / Y, yeah!


  3. Trinary is yet another superb design Pete, with it trinity of coolness Style, Display Layout/s & overall concept.


  4. Another amazing watch. The images make this look real, as always, so you have to remember that they are not available – yet.

    I don’t know why TF have not yet released any totally new watches this year, but hopefully they’ll tell us soon (in a Progress Report) and I would expect some of yours to be in the “coming soon” list. This one should be added to the “to be made” list – it’s great.

    The only thing that’s wrong with this watch is that I don’t yet have one on my wrist. 5y, of course.


    • Hi Nev, Cheers for liking and the epic feedback as ever! πŸ˜€
      Yeah its been a while since a new design release or Progress Report, it would be nice to know if our efforts are not in vain? I’m sure TF have their reasons for the radio silence.
      I admire your confidence regarding my chances, I wish I shared it πŸ™‚ I can only cross my fingers tightly which makes my already terrible typing even worse hehe
      Cheers again for the great feedback and epic support, I hope you get the chance to wear one some day! πŸ˜€


  5. The computer tells me that time is running short for this concept. So I will say a quick thank you to TF for posting it here and everyone who voted, commented, shared or liked! Cheers everyone!
    Pete from the UK πŸ˜€


  6. I like using 1/3 of the space on the case, the overall look & using the borders to display information/simple animation. Sadly, I don’t like the manner the # are stretched.


    • Cheers for the feedback Makko! The shape and size of the three displays could be easily changed. The combination of the LCD and LED elements is the important feature on the concept. So hopefully there is potential πŸ˜€


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