CMK-2 circuit watch wraps LEDs around your wrist.

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: I was browsing though my previous submissions and saw my Circuit design. I felt the desire to change it up a little and add a little spice to it. Also I wanted to give it a more defined “circuitry” feel.

So here it is…Circuit MK-2…or CMK-2.

Time is told by simply reading the stylised numbers. Hours are on the left…minutes on the right. It couldn’t be simpler. The LED’s would light up first on the “Veins” just off of the watch face (this would need a case similar to that like the “Seven” watch) and then race across the face illuminating the time before meeting up with and illuminating the “Veins” at the bottom of the watch.

I can see this having a wide appeal due to how easy it is to tell the time. It still retains some of that cryptic essence needed for it to be a Tokyoflash watch but is more forgiving when it comes to reading the digits.

It also has a style which could be for either a man or woman and suitable for any occasion.

The time flow animation would catch peoples attention. As would the bright colours.

A number of animations would be possible with this configuration. Pulsing, lightning effects, maybe even a kind of “Tron bike” effect racing over your wrist.

27 thoughts on “CMK-2 circuit watch wraps LEDs around your wrist.

  1. Interesting how you have use a vertical arrangement for hours/mins, I like it! The octagon shapes look cool, on or off, and the circuit spilling over the strap onto the watch looks great with the slightly different shapes depending on the time.

    The wrap-around LED look is one i’d love to see happen & I hope we can find a way to add this to some watches soon. I think the main problem is maintaining a seal where case meets strap as it would be a weak point to allow water in.


    • ahh, i see what you did. The LEDs only wrap partially like Seven. (as you mentioned) so that’s no problem. Still, I hope we can do a full wrap-around in the future.


      • Firstly, thank you so much for posting Circuit MK II. As always I’m very grateful.
        Second…glad you like the watch. I’ve been meaning to do this remake for a while but other ideas have always pushed themselves infront of it.
        I understand that for you guys to do a complete wraparound of LEDs would be a very tough challenge and thus limit it’s chances of being picked for production hence why I went for a style similar to seven.

        That being said, my initial idea was to have a complete line of LEDs stretching all around the watch and when time is pressed it would complete the….wait for it….circuit (Tadaah).

        If this could be implemented that would be awesome. Maybe a mixture of LEDs for the watch face and E L paper for the strap would work?? Or even maybe have a button battery to power the strap light and just a simple wire connected from the A-button (time activation) to the strap strip to tell the light to illuminate when the time comes on?!


  2. For me, this is a great improvement on Circuit, which looked great, but was too hard to read. Here, initially, some numbers can be confused for each other (e.g. the right-handed 1 can be mistaken for a 3), but it is easy to read once you get used to the style.
    The wrap around effect is very appealing and starting the LEDs ‘off face’ looks great. I have Seven, which is great and this takes the concept one step further. I only hope TF don’t make the strap like the one on Seven, which was a pain to ‘adjust to fit’.
    Good luck and 5y.


    • Thanks for the feedback and support Nev.

      Regarding the left and right sided 1…the reason for having it switching sides is so that the flow of LEDs looks better. Sometimes the number above the 1 dictates where the flow of LEDs goes and so the 1 underneath needs to be on the right side so that it looks neater. For eg…look at the black and white (e-paper versions) 21:16. See how the 2 flows down to meet the 1 nicely underneath? I guess you could have the one on the left side but I just prefer it this way.

      Besides…my loyal test subjects have shown that it can be viewed easily this way so it’s all good lol

      If TF decide to go for the partial LED wraparound (like seven) then I hope for a more segmented, metal strap rather than a PU version. This is mainly because of the stressful cutting of my strap on my tron watch, plus now after having it a little while I’m putting abit of weight on so now I’ll have to change straps over with is a bit of a pain.

      I think a metal strap would suit it nicely given it’s military, chunky look when off (especially the black version).

      But if TF go for a full led wraparound then I’d be more than happy to compromise. But then how would you be able to cut the strap? Electroluminescent paper??


      • I wouldn’t suggest changing anything – I like the way it looks now, but that first image did highlight both the initial 1/3 confusion (on the 21:16 watch) and how the 3 really looks (on the other watch). As said, once used to the style, that confusion goes away.

        Yep, I also found the cutting stressful on my Seven, so any other strap type works for me too.

        Full wraparound lights would be great, but the partial with painted continuation would still be a desirable watch if that’s what TF end up making. They don’t have to push the technology boundaries on every watch – existing technology presenting a great design is still great.


  3. Preeeeetty clever how you handle the numbers’ connections with each other and the wrist line. I’m currently working on new incarnations of my ITO design so I can tell I love all-around-the-wrist lines and this concept is cool! Maybe the 1 should always be left. But as Nev said, once you’ve seen 1 and 3, you know how to distinguish them. Stopping the LEDs and continue with a “normal” line is also clever. Yep yep 5*/YES


    • Thanks for the vote and support Sam. Please see The reply I have Nev above for the reasoning behind the left and right 1. Id love a full wraparound watch, I think it’s time one came out as they’re so many nice around-the-wrist designs.

      Thanks for the compliments. Fingers crossed it’ll be reality one day.


  4. Looks very nice and is uber simple to read which should attract the mass market types. I too wait for the day that watches feature all round illuminted straps πŸ˜€ The only question that matters is there room on the watches page for this design? only time will tell. 5/Y best of luck sir! πŸ˜€


    • Cheers for the comment and feedback my good man. I’d hope there is a space for this on the TF “shop floor”. Thanks for the vote, fingers crossed.


  5. This is a very interesting continuous line Digital wristwatch, the only problem i can for see is the name as Storm London Watches, have a binary watch called MK2 Circuit watch
    So you may have to rename this design I would like to suggest: circuitry, motherboard, veins?


  6. Hi andrew thanks for the feedback and support! I had no idea there was a watch with a similar name…whoopsie lol.

    I was going to call it Circuitry first of all but didnt like it…”veins” seems to step on the toes of Sams “vein” watch so i wont go there out of respect. Motherboard doesnt grab me im afraid, im open to suggestion though…

    My ideas so far are: Inline

    Would love to hear others…


    • Thanks for considering my suggestions Justin the I only came with those alternate names off the top of my head.


      • Thats ok bud, thanks for taking the time to comment and stuff. I was seriously thinking of Circuitry (it being an evolved successor to Circuit)…who knows, maybe it could become that. Hint hint TF lol.


  7. Great design, but I’m wondering if something like this hasn’t already appeared on the blog? The Online watch is quite similar, no?

    Anyway, I support your work – 5y.


    • Cheers D thanks for the vote buddy. It does look a little like online but with hopefully enough of a twist as not too be seen as too similar. I’d hope that folk who liked online but weren’t exactly swayed by it would look at this brighter led variation and go…”oooh” lol

      Anyhoo, cheers for the comment and support.


  8. Reminds me of a liquid flowing downward, like a waterfall or even smelting metal in a foundry. Perhaps the name could reflect that idea, if the animations move from top to bottom.


    • Y’know what xian I thought exactly the same!! I was looking for the name that you would call that particular process (molten metal running down a mould) as I would love to find out and if it sounds cool enough, call it that.

      After I submitting this I made a rendering which looks like a gun metal finish with fiery orange/red (lava) LEDs. It really looked the part.

      Now if I could just find out that name lol…


    • Cheers Jose!! Thanks for the vote and support. Kinda pessimistic about this one now seeing as it resembles TF’s new Sequence watch.


  9. It’s a bit strange to see it featured & they release a similar idea during that time! Even if the new make me think of another older concept submitted (I don’t remember the name/designer) that I didn’t like, for not being unique enough, since I have a similar watch.

    Now about this one, I saw a similar concept already done by another company, which, personally, have a better overall look.


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