Crown watch for regal wrist fashion. (update)

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: This is a remake of one of my Crown watch.

I’ve applied 2 comments about using the 12 hours format and making a more stylized crown. I’ve also applied it to the rest of the segments, which was another suggestion. I made 3 combos.

I also made the band more stylized, by adding 3 inlays with continuous stripes on the case. They are in the same color as the lights off. They can continue, or not, inside the 1st and 4th digits. I made 3 types.

I made the horizontal bar wider, to begin and end aligned with the inlays. I’ve divided it in 2, for PM & alarm.

The crown is used for the hours. 3 of them (1, 6 & 11) have “boxes” over them. They are markers.

I choose to use digits, placed under the crown, for the minute/month & second/date. They are full for a better look but can be 7 segments.

The LED’s digits are 7 segments placed under a single piece of transparent material. The result is that you don’t see the lines between the segments and this keep the same look as the full LCD digits.

The LCD versions (multiple tone of grey) are full flat-screen under the case.

To tell the time, you simply need to check which light is OFF, or ON, for the hour. All ON/OFF = 12. Then, use the 2 digits at the left for the minute and finish with the 2 digits at the right for the second. The left portion of the bar is the PM & the right portion is the alarm.

To tell the date, the minute are replaced by the month and the second by the date. When shown, the hour is at 00, or doesn’t change, and the 2 dots between the digits set are OFF.

5 things make it stand out:

-The crown logo, which takes half the space.

-Using a horizontal scale for the hour.

– being all ON/OFF at 12.

-Not using the colon/double dots as part of the date indicator.

-Replacing the minute and second with month and date, instead of hour and minute, and having the hour at 00.

UPDATE: alternate display layouts

9 thoughts on “Crown watch for regal wrist fashion. (update)

  1. Nice update to the original Matt. The extra details really help to get a better feeling for the watch.
    The vertical bars around the watch give it a kind of medieval armour look, which fits well with the crown theme too. Like iron bracers. Could this be a Game of Crowns? 😉


    • Hi

      TY for posting it & the comment. Also, TY again for the suggestions on the original.

      I did 3 type of inlays because I found these 3 interesting but could not choose the best. Then, I’ve figure out that there’s also the cost/feasibility to take in consideration. Of course, they can be deeper/more out.

      The same things applied to the display stylized lenses/continuous stripes.

      The LCD could have colored lenses. (I forgot to mention it in the form)


  2. Hi Matt, when the drawing is simplified, understanding is easier and often the project is more enjoyable to watch. In this case, it is successful!
    5 * / Yes.


  3. Hi Makko, I thing this is an improvement on the original version. The time telling seems more initiative now. My only gripe is the red stripes that go around the strap dissect the display. I think thy should either miss the display (leave a small gap) or flow through it better. I like the fact the crown element is more 3D on this version, it will add a tactile quality. Best of luck sir! 😀


    • The idea for the new appearance of the crown come from 1 version of my next submission.

      About the stripes: I’d be ok with not having them on the digits, 1 reason being that, at the bottom, they are larger than the crown. The final look was hard for me to choose & it’s why I did many combo. The one at the center is less problematic & I like the effect of hiding the : inside it, even if it’s only applicable to when you want to know the date/when off. What about leaving that one on & removing the others 2?


  4. Ok, first of all, very cool that you made alternative display layouts, especially repsect for the work and showing us the variants. I’m not a fan of the crown-ish hour display – just not my taste. Focusing on the minutes and seconds for the digits is a nice twist. The all-around-the-wrist lines are nice. I can imagine the watch in matte steel being pretty popular among fans of royal families hehe. In gold it might sell pretty nicely 😉 Good luck Makk. How did you come up with the crown anyway?


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