Wear Big Ben LIVE on your wrist!

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to design concept watch based on hi-tec technologies, internet and on-line camera.

I wanted to offer you an up close and personal uninterrupted view with Big Ben by designing a watch that can display the image of Big Ben clock in real time. The main idea is to utilize a camera aimed at this architectural masterpiece, in this case London iconic clock tower. The camera sends a video GPS signal via satellite which captured and displayed by Ban Watch on its large sized LED display while the bottom screen is used to display user’s local time.

Peoples who want to know a real Big Ben in real time!

Using new technologies and web-camera.

14 thoughts on “Wear Big Ben LIVE on your wrist!

  1. Cool idea!
    I think this would probably work best for a smart watch where you can download various clock apps – perhaps people can make their own personal webcam views of the town clock in cities around the world.

    ~ or the web cam video could be a background showing the beach (is it busy) or weather in Scotland (is it raining) or just your pets at home so you can check on them!

    Now, my question is… which one of you wants to climb up that tower & put the webcam there?


  2. I’m not sure this is something I would wear, it’s basically a normal analogue watch regardless of the source. Plus the webcam thing seems abit too much effort and what if the live feed is cut and how would the data be sent to your wrist? Surely you would need a wifi connection at all times?


  3. very artful way to present a smart watch. would be cool if you could show what Big Ben looks like at night. I would wear it.


  4. interesting thought process and i like the aesthetics but i agree with TF, its abit too pie in the sky. if that technology became achievable/affordable then id want a live stream of the sun and its relative position to the horizon like some modern day sun dial.


  5. It’s a fun idea, it made me smile, so I’ll say it’s a good idea. =)

    As others have commented; feasibility is really the achilles’ heel of this concept, but the idea and its possibilities are intriguing.
    One thing that strikes me immediately though is the issue of time zones. Seeing the time in London is very nice, but what if I’m in Thailand?
    I agree with TF that it would probably work best as an app, and why only Big Ben? There are many clocks all over the world (in different time zones) which might have a webcam pointed at them.

    Are there any live feeds of clocks, does anyone know? If so it might be a simple matter of displaying that/those feeds…

    As I say, fun idea and some clever lateral thinking. Good luck!


  6. I like the idea of the web cam concept but I do wonder if its a touch overkill. If you could link to different clocks (or different landmarks) for different time codes that would be cool, but then you could just have animated images of those clocks or landmarks without the real time feed. Certainly an interesting outside of the box concept. There is potential here. Best of luck Andy! 😀


  7. In terms of a concept, I think it’s truly awesome. TF
    , you aren’t thinking laterally…just send a drone up there with the camera on board. If you want to rig it to the opposite tower, use the nanobots and your imagination…5y


  8. The Online camera element of this concept is a refreshing idea but may be hard to implement in reality.
    I have a counter suggestion that the Watch should have GPS / radio controlled timing & the time / clock face feature changes depend to which city & time zone the user is located.


  9. Ok that’s insanely cool – THE original Big Ben on your wrist! It’s a bit like shooting flies with tanks but it’s a cool statement. Why work with a copy, when you can have the original? How about doing this with the 24 most popular clocks in the world? That would be fun 🙂 If technically possible and feasable, why notß Supportive 5* for this crazy idea.


  10. I like the Big Ben clock as a display. But, I doubt that live feed would be feasible. & if the webcam aren’t installed yet, it will be hard to have the right to put one there!

    I like the triple screen. The middle one could be like the Slyde watch & the user could download a picture/animation of the Big Ben or other parliament clocks. The top one would still show the name. The bottom one could show the date-pm-alarm on.


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