‘Impulse’ sports watch with motion sensor & heart rate monitor.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The following concept is my attempt at digital sports / activity monitor wrist watch. This design incorporates both a pulse sensor built-in to the bracelet / strap & kinetic motion sensors in the watch face. The pulse combined with the amount of movement gauges the user mood & this alters the color of control buttons & LED back light. I call this concept: Impulse

The screen has six digits which are created from a pair of ovals one stacked above the other single ovals create the number 0 to 1 & dual ovals create the numbers 2 to 9. How these digits are created differ according to the wristwatch orientation: Vertical / Horizontal See Diagrams provided.

Impulse is excellent fitness monitor so it is aimed Runners, Athletes, cyclist,swimmers(water proof) & anyone with an interest in sport / keeping Fit, going to the Gym etc.

This wrist watch has multiple Mood color LED with multiple Display modes: Watch Modes: Alarm, Date, Time & Activity Modes: Charge, Pulse Monitor, Stop watch.

8 thoughts on “‘Impulse’ sports watch with motion sensor & heart rate monitor.

  1. Nice to see a sports watch idea, we don’t get too many of these. Great to exercise your body & mind at the same time!
    Waterproof is essential. I think we have done up to 5ATM before, but 20ATM would be best to really cover most water based activities.


    • Thanks for publishing my latest Concept TF. I Totally agree that this concept should be made waterproof 5 ATM standard / minimum. But 20 ATM preferable so that the user can wear whilst swimming etc as long as this does not make the wrist watch too bulky or heavy.


  2. Nice looking cryptic digits, I like the mode being shown by the subtle letter using the wave and outer parts of the display. I like the mood telling aspect and the heart rate monitor. There is definitely plenty going on here. 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


    • Thank you Pete, the created double oval digit to make Impulse futuristic organic & easy to read whist still giving them a cryptic feel / look. Impulse was created in response to Comment / Request that Tokyo Flash add for Bio Monitor wristwatch added to my Cybernetic: Android watch (Inspired By Edge), copy paste the following link: https://blog.tokyoflash.com/2014/04/cybernetic-wristwatch-gauges-your-internal-power-cell/
      I though that the best way to monitor anyone’s mood / activity level was by measuring their pulse: Pulse Sensor / movement: Motion / Kinetic senors.


  3. Cool numbers, nice sporty input for the blog. The wavy line in the middle – please no ._. it’s a little 80’s eclecticism-ish ( you know, when adding triangles and halfcircles was meant to improve a design or advertisement but didn’t ) Definitely yes to the sport function – very welcome, and to the numbers – quite a diversion. Good luck Andrew!


    • Thanks for approval of the style / shape Number i have create for Impulse, the wave line is used to monitor the wearer pulse rate & the peaks / troughs in the line shifts in frequency / shape & speed according. I try using Pulse Peaks & troughs but it did not look right.


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