Abstract COMET watch depicts celestial event

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: A minimalistic analog watch concept.

Two printed transparent disc visualised the time in analog format.

The inner indicates the hours and the outer is the minutes.

The overlap of discs creates ever-changing moire effect.

12 thoughts on “Abstract COMET watch depicts celestial event

  1. Quite beautiful Laszlo, thanks for sending it in.
    I am mesmerised by the way the wider gaps of the comets tail actually look like something is there, but its empty space.
    Analogue watches don’t get the attention they deserve, I expect for TF they are seen as more traditional & less futuristic.
    This a very tasteful & elegant design for anyone who prefers analogue time telling.


  2. This looks fantastic and must be easy to make.
    I am not locked to digital or analogue formats, just watches that look unusual (art on the wrist?). This certainly fits the bill.
    The hour / 5 minute markers around the outside make it easy to identify the individual minutes, which will be much appreciated.
    Looking forward to spending my money on one. Good luck and 5*/Y


  3. Very nice! I really like how the whole concept (face, body and strap) fit together as a whole. The elegance is really quite striking, I think it actually helps that it’s analogue. There’s a classic kind of style in the old-school movement that is hard to match.

    A small detail that might improve it somewhat is if the discs could be rotated from the circumeference instead, that way the center dot could be removed and the face would be even cleaner. Like I said, a small detail, but it’s the only thing I can find that I’d change.

    Incidentally, I’ve recently submitted an analogue watch with a spacey theme, but it’s very different from this. If that gets posted it’ll be interesting to see how the reactions compare. Judging by this I’d say I’m the underdog…=) Best of luck Laszlo!


  4. I can only agree with what Anders said, very nice work sir. I think there will always been room for analogues in this world. There is something very comforting about mechanical devices. I wonder if the lines were etched into the dics rather than printed whether this would add even more depth to the display. Either way 5/Y best of look sir! :d


  5. If any analogue concept deserve to be published & get some attention it’s this one. Perhaps Etch lines may be better than printed ones, or Sandwiched lens / disc a thin pattern layer sandwiched in between two clear layers. Or a clears lens on top of a patterned one.


  6. Great design Laszlo! The overlap works really well. Is there any chance we could see it with the comet image you used in the logo? I like the comet without the full circle around it. I’d consider buying either design though.


  7. I like the display. This fall in the “sonar type” display, which is the closest to standard analog I like.

    I though that the overlap was a bit too much, specially because the inner marker is hard to see. But since it’s the hour, it’s less a problem.

    I like Anders suggestion to rotate the discs from the circumference instead, that way the center dot could be removed to get a cleaner display. Not having overlap over the hour part would make it cleaner too but I like the near-alignment just before/after any hour & half-hour.


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