Labyrinth watch uses cryptic maze to tell the time, surprisingly easy!

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: I decided to realise a watch concept based on the ancient greek myth of the minotaur and the labyrinth. I used 6 cross-sectioned rectangles to display time.

In this figure I used 3 independent zones : semicircle to display hours, lines to display 10 minutes  group and 4 squares to display 4 minutes group.

People who like a new kind of watches, creative persons and people who like labyrinth shapes.

New way to tell the time, easy figure.

19 thoughts on “Labyrinth watch uses cryptic maze to tell the time, surprisingly easy!

  1. Maze style! It’s a popular kind of theme – watches we had before with a maze or repeating pattern have proved popular, JLr7, Mugen, Infection .. & maze.
    I like the way it appears to be a kind of game in-progress, as if one marker is the minotaur hunting the player though the maze … hey, now there’s an idea!


  2. Good looking watch, this. No fuss, which appeals to me, and the pattern made by the rectangles is pleasing to the eye.

    I’d be tempted to make it a negative display instead (all segments on except for the indicators), but that’s easily done. Of course, there’s plenty of options for more cryptic display modes as well, which is always a plus. Good luck!


  3. Looks great and easy to read once you realise the hours and five minutes are in ‘traditional / analogue’ positions on the watch face.
    Of the two styles you show, I prefer the silver case / black strap, but TF would be able to come up with a number of case and strap colour choices, as usual, so finding the right one would not be a problem.
    Good luck and 5*/Y


  4. Very interesting take on an analogue time telling format. Very fresh and interesting looking. My only critical comment would be that the single minutes look bolder than the hours or 5 minute positions, in an ideal world they should be the least bold. I dont think there is an easy way around that tho without messing up the maze like pattern. It isn’t a deal breaker either way, 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  5. Very nice pattern that’s seen when the watch is off. Time telling works nicely in combination with the pattern. I agree with Pete – the visual hierarchy of the elements doesn’t seem right. But that’s not so bad because the time isn’t always on. You wear this piece of art and if you like, it tells the time. An always on watch wouldn’t work this way I think. I can imagine some nice animations playing from time to time. A range of light and material variations is also possible. Fashionably cool. Good luck Andy!


  6. Interesting idea, I like the reading order. I like that the LED’s are deeper than the rest. An animation when idle could be added. ( like at every 15 or 30 min ) I like the silver case/black strap.


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