Light Beam analogue dream watch

Design submitted by Dmitry from Russia.

Dmitry says: In a dream. It is the truth! When I woke up, I started drawing.

Options of design can be much and it is good prospect. Tell the time – very easy!!!

I think, it is only for young people. My design can have a lot of variant performance, colours and new ideas. My design is classic, modern and easy, at the same time!

8 thoughts on “Light Beam analogue dream watch

  1. As a basic concept this is a decent idea, but it does need more thought to really bring it to life. What I do like is the idea of that slice of light to tell the time – but which is hour, which is minute? ahh, now that is something to think about…
    Perhaps there is way to use 2 semi-transparent half-circle discs that would overlap creating pie-zones to get a similar effect?


    • About the “slice of light” & “use 2 semi-transparent half-circle discs that would overlap creating pie-zones”: one could have a black dot or both could have a letter.

      It remind me of a watch that is/was sold, but I don’t remember the name. I found 2 Ziiiro watches using that principle.


  2. Looks nice, but probably a bit ordinary for the TF blog. Also, I think there are a number of similar design watches around. I gave you a 5y, because the rating is too low for my liking.


  3. simplicity as its best but as TF pointed out how do you know which hand is which? my 2 cents on the matter is a gradient Pie slice. so for example blue fades to orange that blue end is the hour and the orange end is the minutes.

    pretty presentation though!


  4. Lewis make a good point, if the “time slice” was gradiated then the denser side could be hours for example and the less dense side could be minutes. Would work as a dense matrix LCD or epaper deisgn I would have thought. LCD or epaper can be combined with analogue, but then size and power issue become factors. Fingers crossed there are technical solutions out there! Best of luck Dimitry! 😀


  5. The core concept of using the light-dark divides as hands is very elegant, and I’d love to see it realized as in the ‘without hands’ image.

    Distinguishing between the hands shouldn’t be a problem as, counting clockwise, one hand is always light-dark while the other is dark-light. The problem, as the other commentators have said, is to make it work technically.

    I think that it might be possible to solve if the backlight was divided into sections (say quarters or sixths), so that only part of the face is illuminated at a time, and the ‘hands’ were opaque sections of otherwise transparent discs that shutter the illuminated portion until the next section lights up.

    Hmmm, but that wouldn’t work as the face needs to be able to display all-light and all-dark (just before/after the minute hand passes the hour hand)… Unless the backlight sections could also rotate (OLEDs perhaps?), but that would likely require a very non-standard movement…

    Maybe I’m complicating things needlessly; if a center roundel is added (a bit like Relativity), it’d be fairly easy to make 60 segments in LED or LCD to indicate the time pretty much as shown. The center roundel could be a button for the backlight or similar, and the overall look wouldn’t be massively different from the original concept.

    Anyway, perhaps I’m thinking too much out loud, but I definately think this idea has great potential. Best of luck Dmitry!


  6. I guess/think that the short hand is the hour & the long is the minute. (there’s no indication in the text/on the pictures) This is the perfect example of watches I hate & it’s too standard.


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