Your Planet Ace; A cosmic acetate wristwatch

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: When it comes to planet inspired watch, many already used Saturn, Saturn and Saturn, then Uranus, Neptune. When I had such design, I have to escort to another name ;-).

Since my design this time emphasizes on acetate material and planetary ring and such I came up with the name ‘Your Planet Ace’. What do you think? Hope you like it ;-). It’s an analog watch design, that use almost same module as Uzumaki.

I think this design is suitable to people who love artistic jewelry, or fans of astronomy who love analog watch as fashion statement.

I hope this design is appealing and will look cool if its been realized. Artistic mixture of colors in acetate materials would produce very catchy planetary abstract. I think this is cool.

11 thoughts on “Your Planet Ace; A cosmic acetate wristwatch

  1. The duo-tone acetate fits really well with the theme, its like gazing out at a nebula. Its quite clever how occasionally the seconds, minutes & hours will come into alignment like a cosmic event.

    The red one is very striking!


  2. Very pretty looking design Firdaus! The bold illumination gives this design a mysterious look. The time telling is nice and clear and the acetate really adds to the spacey techie feel. 5/Y best of luck sir! πŸ˜€


  3. I have to concur with TF; the two-coloured case looks very cool! =)

    The display is certainly striking, I like the combination of the circular indicators with the ‘tails’; separately they wouldn’t work very well but together they give a sort of minimalistic-futuristic feel. Nice work, good luck!


  4. Firdy, I kinda like the simplicity of this design and the nebular appearance of the acetate. I’ve seen other watches using the same idea but the lighting effect and styling lifts yours above those. I gave you 5Y to try and boost your score a bit.


  5. I don’t normally like the acetate watches, but if TF could make them look like this I’d go for it.
    Although like Uzumaki, it is unique enough to add to my collection alongside that excellent watch – the red one is very different to my blue/silver Uzumaki, so that would be great.
    I hope TF do make this, in spite of the ridiculous voting. Good luck and 5*/Y from me.


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