Zig-Zag e-paper watch with bold display.

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: While seeking an ultramodern shape, the EPaper display is came naturally. The “ZigZag-Watch” is a EPaper watch which proposes figures in prospect, linked the ones to the others by forming a zigzag pattern. There are two buttons of activation, to program the various functions and the other to validate the programming.

Always on – Displays the time and date – Alarm mode – E Ink display – Positive or Negative display mode.

The “ZigZag-Watch” is intended to the women and men ultramodern.

The “ZigZag-Watch” ultramodern shapes is very easy to read after a quick explanation.

15 thoughts on “Zig-Zag e-paper watch with bold display.

  1. Numbers are easy to read while the design still looks desirable and appropriate for TF. I think this could be an easy watch for TF to make and be a good addition to their range.
    Good luck, Patrick, and 5*/Y.


  2. Nice work Patrick. 5Y 😉 I think there was another zig-zag design but I prefer this one. Be cool if the numbers could collapse towards the middle or float down like leaves tilting one way and then the other. Anyway, hope TF like this one too. 🙂 Good luck with it.


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