Lens Camera watch for photography enthusiasts

Design submitted by Syam from Indonesia.

Syam says: I don’t know.. am just looking for my camera, and boom..!!! What if my lens camera to become my watch??? It will be cool dude..

They are easy to read. The time is told by the outer ring(12 hour) and the fokus points it will show your minutes (center of watch). If your camera has this function, then you are able to select just one of any of the focus points as reference. Then you would select the focus point, and that is your time.

The person who wants different.. and will be appreciated by all kinds of people.

There’s been a lot of talk about smart watches lately, but most of us aren’t there yet. This is not a smart watch but cool watch (I Think :D)

6 thoughts on “Lens Camera watch for photography enthusiasts

  1. Cool functionality with the ‘lens’, though I’m afraid it would be very difficult and expensive to make. Other than that it still looks very clean and attractive. The minute digits work very well, I think; the look of the individual ‘pixels’ remind me of my camera’s auto-focus icons so good thinking there! =)

    One way of making the ‘zoom’ effect a little less prohibitive might be to make it manual; the user twists the base of the watch to raise the middle segments, which also turns the backlight on (or something similar).

    good work, I look forward to seeing more of your work. good luck!


  2. Hi, Syam. I would only suggest that you not illuminate the 12th hour position unless it is midnight, so you can simply count the hours up to tell the hour without having to subtract one.


  3. Nice looking design with a bold inspiration. I like the idea of the lens zooming in and out. I think to make the display move this way would be difficult, so the lens and bezel should be the moving parts and maybe act as a means of activating the watch. Me likey 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  4. If this could be made, it would be great. Maybe the manual idea from Anders is the way. I see what Xian means about the 12th hour position, but maybe it could be lit as the last number (I.e. start with 1 and only light the final number at 12:00 or 24:00).
    Love the design and hope it can be made in some way – good luck and 5*/Y.


  5. I like the overall look. I like the pm indicator. I like the “arcade” look of the minute. The idea of a retractable central part is nice. I’m not sure if it is possible/cost effective. Having it always out would be ok. I like the idea of starting the hour on at 12 o’clock & tell the time by reading the last light on. At 1st it was a bit confusing since there’s always an extra light on. But there’s a problem: there’s no difference between 11 & 12!

    I would buy.


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