Radial smart watch notifies you of texts, email

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

A subtle smart watch design that uses a circular display matrix to display the time & simple text messages & notification icons. The watch informs you of new emails, social chat (such as Skype or Facebook) as well as remaining you of calendar events & missed phone calls. You can also control your music while you are jogging by skipping tracks or pausing etc. The time is displayed in the bottom half of the watch face as regular digits.

The unassuming shape of the watch makes it easy for anyone to wear, but the tunnel-like display adds a touch of uniqueness.

3 thoughts on “Radial smart watch notifies you of texts, email

  1. Looks nice Heather, although it does share some themes with one of Sam’s designs GMTA!!!
    For me the icons in the centre and the notifications blocks around the outise could be bolder but minor subjective detal. Nice work madam! 5/Y 😀


  2. I like the look of this, even though it does remind me a bit of a few earlier designs (and an unpublished one of mine, actually…=) I especially appreciate the divided display; keeping the digits in one half of it and using the other half for other information. Also, good to see Heather back on the blog! Best of luck!


  3. I see what you did there 😉 Or better, you see what I did! We talked about this and I told you about my radial design when we both were making our watches. The advantage of my idea was, I dared using a dense display with smaller pixels, allowing more things to show up. Yours is way easier to make. I like how you implemented the necessary elements in the radial system. Let’s see if there will indeed be a smartwatch from Tokyoflash. Good luck Heather 🙂


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