Nin Watch Design in LED

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: This is the LED version of my previous “NIN LCD watch” concept.

Easy to read LED watch concept with time and date functions.

Two digits on the left side indicate the hours or months (the inner little number is the first and the outer bigger number  is the second number of the hours or month). The two digits on the right side are the minutes or days (the inner little number is the first and the outer bigger number is the second number of the minutes or days).

A few animated version shown in a lot of options to choose from.

21 thoughts on “Nin Watch Design in LED

  1. I liked the original, but this is much better – a real winner.
    I can see TF bringing this out with lots of colour combinations – hope they do. Only hope the strap is not another “cut to fit” one like Seven, which was a real pain.
    If this gets made, I will certainly want to add it to my other watch you designed: Quasar (which is fantastic).
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  2. Very nice Laszlo! This is a huge improvement on the original! I’m loving the cubey effect of the display and the time is clean and easy with just enough cryptic ness to baffle passers by. An all metal one would be cool, the link shape continuing the chevron shape of the case. 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  3. Hmhm, this watch is very cool and I’d like to own it! Looks like a winner: easy to read, cryptic if you look shortly, looking alien and stylish. Good luck! 5*/YES


  4. I’ve been watching this site for years, waiting for the perfect watch and here it is! I need this!!! Neon orange with white LEDs to match my headphones lol.


  5. How can you get so many voters with such an high rate??? For me, this vote result gives as much sense as a result vote you could get in an early Banana Republic or a in North Korea… It is surely ñot politicaly correct to write this but some projects are so much supported in a way that seems unfair and a bit suspisciuous to me (but maybe I am wrong and then I apologize) that I wanted to point it out anyway.


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