Genome – Double Helix DNA chain shapes show time

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: The future of technology is Bio mechanic engineering which machine are grown using a combination of cybernetic fibres & genetic material to create living machines. The concept behind the following LCD / E-ink Display which I call: Genome.

The digits are oval / which from a DNA or double helix shaped chain/s in order to display the digit/s in time, alarm or Date display modes. The digits are arranged in columns. Hours / Days in the Left Hand column & Minutes / Months in the Right column. The mode indicator Brackets are arranged on either side of both these columns: Alarm Mode: ( ), Date Mode), Time Mode: none.

The Shape & style of this wristwatch is futuristic & organic. Plus the Three Button controls & touch screen back light make it easy to use.

11 thoughts on “Genome – Double Helix DNA chain shapes show time

  1. Very nice Andrew! This is my new favourite of your designs! It’s very simple but very effective, and easily made I imagine. Part of me wonders if the case should be more “bio-mechanical” to carry the theme through more, but that might be a step too far. Sometimes clean and simple is best. I hope the score improves as it was ridiculous when I made this comment. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • Thanks Pete for your support. I think that a compromise between a current style & more Alien / Prometheus Bio-Mechanical styled bracelet & watch case could be more exciting & reinforce the idea behind this design concept.


    • Thanks xian, I wanted to the shape / style of the Wristwatch Case / Bracelet & the digits to reflect the overall organic Concept.


    • The Full Height Alarm / Date Indicators are brackets that reassemble Cell Walls in which the genetic protein DNA digits are contained. This is in keeping with organic styling of this wrist watch concept.


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