Two-Ringed Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Daniyar from Kyrgyzstan.

Daniyar says: At first, there was an idea to make something like planets, rotating around the sun. But then i decided to place “planets” at the same orbit.External ring shows hour or month. Middle ring shows tens of minutes or days. And  central dot shows minutes or days in numbers from 1 to 9. So, to find out how many minutes, you need to add the numbers that are indicated by the middle ring and central dot.

I think fans of minimalism might like this design.

18 thoughts on “Two-Ringed Analog Watch Design

  1. Very simple and clean design, I like it but feel it could do with a bit more wow somehow. Maybe the background or lens should have a subtle texture or something just add extra interest. Either way it’s nice work so 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  2. Love the look of this watch. It probably looks a bit too much like the On Air for me to go for it as a purchase. I also wonder what happens when the circles overlap.



  3. Maybe I should have indicated in the description, that, according to my idea, rings just appear-disappear on their positions. They do not slide (move) along clock face, and thus rings do not intersect with each other.


  4. I have an ongoing idea that I have submitted to Tokyoflash. It also has to do with circles telling times but some steps further than the way you tell the time in your project. Anyway, I hope you will not believe that I copy you if ever my idea is published too.

    Nice clock. 🙂




  5. Looks great to me. I love the minimalist watch face. I wouldn’t want to change anything about it – just have the challenge of deciding which face and strap colour combinations (as they all look so good). Definitely 5*/Y.


  6. I like both ideas of having the 3 indicators on the same ring & the overlap at 1:11-2:22 etc. I like the bands that have inlays in the same color as the display. The only missing thing is 11-12 markers.


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