Metaphore watch with dual displays in LED or LCD

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: A watch design with two identities. Always on LCD and striking bright LEDs. Cryptic 1259 time and flowing digital numbers. Sleek, and stripy face and strap.  This is Metaphore watch design.

The time telling on LCD part is easy to read 1259 and inspired by tally marks.  Tally mark is simple and easy to read, rearranged to look more cryptic and the fifth line/mark is positioned to work as subtle separator between groups.

The LCD is always on so you don’t need to press button to see time. There’ll be EL back lighting for the LCD too.

The time telling on LED part is easy to read flowing up digital numbers read 12:59. The LED part can be use for more fun in time telling and as additional indicators, for example date assist, and alarm.

This design is futuristic, stylish and functional. You can wear it with casual stripy pants and plain shirt for official occasion and rock on with the LEDs in the night.

Taking consideration of available technology that feasible for production, the watch face and strap were custom designed to harmonize the futuristic element, quality look, usability, style and comfort.

20 thoughts on “Metaphore watch with dual displays in LED or LCD

  1. Ok bought. Hm, now I must read the text… ah alright! First I thought you cross an idea of mine… phew you didn’t 😀 I like the two different parts of this design that looks good in one or two colors. The button details and the LEDs that go over the edge are really cool. The time display is so simple but looks good with the different sized bars and gaps. Like future. 5*/HAI KAITAI (買いたい)


  2. This design is very much like its creator, mad as a box of frogs! I love the dual personality, not sure of the practical benefit of the two displays but you gotta love the theatre. Very Jeckle and Hyde! 5/Y best of luck my crazy friend! 😀


  3. I like the dual display with 2 tech. I like that the center is curved. I would change the 12-5-9 order. The top would be the hour. The very wide line would be the 10’s min. The bottom would be the 9 min. I would buy.


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