Digits009 : A cryptic matrix LCD watch

Design submitted by Robert from Hungary.

Robert says: After I’ve seen Laszlo’s fantastic Inverse LCD watch I also wanted to create a cryptic watch face of my own. Digits009 uses a new style LCD digits but it works traditionally.

I used a 3×3 matrix screen for Hours/Months, Minutes/Days, Seconds, AM-PM-Date indicator and Days. It is a simple and classical design with new digits.

I’m not interested in cryptic watch faces, but a lot of people like it. Its futuristic style is for the youngsters.

These cryptic digits are a new creation by me (I hope).

5 thoughts on “Digits009 : A cryptic matrix LCD watch

  1. Looks very cool Robert, very technical looking. For me it’s maybe a little too cryptic, took me a while to see the time even with the explanation. An easy mode would be needed for me. It would probably get easier over time. 5/y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. Cooool digits! First I though whaaaaa and then I got it. Very nice idea. I like that you use 3×3 numbers for more information. The display could come in different variations… Mmmmirror numbers… If possible, there could be an easy mode to help people learn within the first week. I’d get it like this so 5*/YES for the cool digits!


  3. I like this, Robert! It’s cryptic but can quickly be decyphered and has a cool symmetry and digit nostalgia about it. My only suggestion would be to replace the curved corners of the 9 boxed areas with a 45 degree corner matching the digits, and possibly 45 degrees on the case corners as well. I gave you 5* and yes I would buy. Haters back up your vote with a post!


  4. I think TF folks are among the best in creating new numbers, this one of a good example. Very cryptic but once you know the principle, it’ll be relatively easy to read. Great job for the display 5*!


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