Vortex watch has its own wormhole

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Vortex is a Torus shaped USB rechargeable Digital Touch Screen Wristwatch inspired by The Film Star Gate. It features a rotating / Spinning Animation Display that completes a full rotation once a minute. Vortex has multiple selectable color (Wheel)LCD Back light & is available with a Black / White Display

The display has multiple Display modes: AL: Alarm, TE: Time, DM: Date & SW: Stop watches Mode. All which display the current time/day using special oval shaped Digits & read in a clockwise direction. Each Of which can be altered By the user by press & holding finger on the pair of digits the wish alter up to the twelve a clock position & turn the outer Bezel Clockwise increase Anti Decrease.

This wristwatch will appeal to science Fiction Fans especially those of the science fiction film Star Gate & various television series it spawned: Star gate SG-1, Star Gate: Atlantis & SGU: Star Gate Universe.

The futuristic Shape of this design makes it stand from other more ordinary wristwatch concept design.

Furthermore the screen also displays the amount of charge remaining: 100%: 30 Days, 50 %: 15 Days & so on.

5 thoughts on “Vortex watch has its own wormhole

  1. This looks nice Andrew and the name is cool. I get the impression that making watches with a hole in the centre is technically difficult and expensive as there have been a few designs on the blog in the past. Sadly none of which has been made. Spider is the closest we have seen to a holey watch. Others in the past have opted for a mirror in the centre to give a similar look but make it easier to make. I played with the idea of having a camera on the clasp/strap, the display would show that image and look like there is a hole through your arm lol. But figured that to would be difficult or too expensive. I hope that a concept like this does find its way into reality so best of luck sir! 5/Y 😀


      • Hehe yeah it would have been cool, like the Aston Martin in one of the James Bond films that cloaked using a similar principle. The idea kinda morphed into CamAlien (coop with Sam) which was in theory more feasible. Although I assume that also turned out to be un-feasible or too expensive as TF seemed to like it but was never made 😦


  2. Aaah upon revisit and reevaluating this design, I just realised the time telling, silly me… silly me. I think this is a good attempt and materials and colors combo you suggested will look cool in person I believe. The % overlay is OK but if you could rearrange the LCD segments I think it’s better. BTW good luck for this one and keep it up good work! Cheers 😉

    p/s: If you use Blender you can pm me in my Fb, perhaps there’s something I can help if needed.


  3. I like the idea to have a hole in the middle. I like the bar used for the power reserve indicator. I have 2 problems : 1) The info should always start at 12 o’clock & go clockwise. The last 2 segments should be the letters. 2) Some digits rotation are bad.


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