Multiplexer LCD watch with time nodes

Design submitted by Eric from the USA.

Eric says: The design resembles graph theory in computer science.  Depending on the time, the watch will display a path that only goes through the numbers that should be added.

To tell the hours, one simply add the numbers on the nodes where the inside of the circle is lit.  The minutes are determined by adding the numbers where the path that runs from top to the bottom of the display comes across, these numbers are also lit up on the outside circle of the nodes.

Anyone looking for an interesting way to tell time will be interested in this watch.

It is an LCD based design so it has better battery life while maintaining the futuristic look that is consistent with the rest of the tokyoflash watches.  The display will also intrigue anyone who catches a glimpse of it from a distance due to the intricate lines that are used to show the time.

7 thoughts on “Multiplexer LCD watch with time nodes

  1. Nice clean simple design with a clear theme. The time telling works well, and even simpletons like myself can read it easily. There is plenty of scope for animations too! Nice work 5/Y welcome to the blog Eric! 😀


  2. Cool idea! I like the subtly digital theme, that only people ‘in the know’ would completely get. The symmetry of the layout is quite pleasing, too. There’s just one thing; wouldn’t it look cooler if the display elements were etched or cut into a metal face? Not as easy to manufacture, perhaps, but it should be possible to do. A solid concept, I think. Good luck!


    • great idea on the etching, that can probably cut cost on the LCD by having a simpler underlying LCD pattern covered by the metal


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