Kryptic: A watch fit for superheroes!

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Kryptic: is inspired by the Last son of Krypton: Kal-El / Superman/ Clark Kent.

Using the “S” Shield a an inspiration for the shape of the wristwatch case as well as the diamond shape semi cryptic digits / Numbers. Available as a LCD / E-Ink display that can display the digits in black or White number or a as a LED display for that retro feel / Style.

This concept display the alarm, time or date in diamond shaped digital Numbers which are broken in to specially shaped sections or Blocks. Using either an LCD – E ink or LED displays. The user reads the Display from Right to Left: Horizontally (Hours / Days) then top to bottom: Vertically (Minutes / Months).

This concept will appeal to science fiction & comic book fans: (DC Comics).

This wrist watch look alien & unusual without being unreadable. It will inspire the hero in all who wear it.

8 thoughts on “Kryptic: A watch fit for superheroes!

  1. I like the shape of this design and there is a clear theme. The digits are cool but I don’t like the diagonal block for some reason, maybe it just needs to be thinner. I would also be tempted to enlarge the digits as they are the main element. The time, date, alarm indicators could be smaller etc. nice work Andrew 5/Y best of luck


    • In hindsight I could have made the Diamond shape digits larger & the Mode indicators smaller/ thinner I will go back to my 3D model & make the necessary alterations.


  2. Thanks to Tokyo flash for publishing this latest concept on their blog. Pleas leave your comment and add your suggestions that you would like to make that could improve this design.


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