Relief watch with textured display (update)

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather says: I decided to try a new version of Relief that has a rectangular display, rather than square, and perhaps is more feasible and readable that my original creation – RELIEF v2.  I am still using the concept of having a 3D sort of feel to a digit-inside-digit display, allowing the watch to have a really cool look when LEDs are off.

The outer rectangle is broken up into 12 segments, and tell the hours by conventional analog placement.  The inner shapes make up two digits – the taller, outer ones for the tens digit, and the shorter, inner ones for the ones digit.

This design is for those who appreciate an architectural feel to a watch.

It stands out because it is a hybrid of analog and digital with a 3D twist.

8 thoughts on “Relief watch with textured display (update)

  1. It does look good when the LEDs are off, but when on, the 3D effect is great and very easy to read.
    I don’t know why, but I am reminded of an Escher staircase when I look at it.
    I liked the original, but this is even better. It must be made – I want one. 5*/Y.


  2. Is it just me, or are your 3D skills improving with every submission? =)
    Strong concept, and a good take on the basic premise, I especially like the way you’ve chosen to show the hours. Four nested digits are difficult to make legible enough (I know, I’ve tried), but two seems to be a good balance between interesting and readable…=)
    Good work!


  3. I gotta agree with Anders on this one 😉 looks great, is easy to read, should be easy to make etc etc. Most if not all the important boxes ticked! 5/Y best of luck Heather! 😀


  4. I agree with the above also, and also agree that your 3D skills are getting really good 🙂 5/Y best of luck!


  5. Really good usage of 3D for a concept that has anything but a flat display. I liked the original version of this idea too. I would get either one but the more blocky one is my favorite because it leave more room for interpretation. Still, it’s a cool was to handle digits and a nice combination of digital and analog. Good luck Ma’am 😀


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