CODE watch uses alien binary symbols

Design submitted by Wilhelm from South Africa.

Wilhelm says: The CODE: Inspired by the combination of my love for binary LED watches, industrial art and stainless steel, the idea came up for a watch with a cryptic code in its display that stands out to be interesting and eye catching all the time, whether the LEDs are on or off, something many LED watches are lacking.

The CODE features a display with unique numerals cut into a metal face, housing dark acrylic lenses over colour LEDs. Four separate steel sides hold the steel casing and strap together. Reading the time is easy by means of colour LEDs and binary mathematics, once you know what number each symbol is representing.

This design is for those people who love functional art combined with the solid feeling of stainless steel and something mysterious that has that one of a kind statement, ideal for most occasions.

9 thoughts on “CODE watch uses alien binary symbols

  1. Pretty cool idea Wilhelm! I like how easy the time can be told with little practice and how alien it looks. Cool that you wrote all the numbers on the case so you are always informed about them. I believe it’s the easiest binary watch concept by now. The black acrylic version is my favorite. Good luck Wilhelm!!


  2. Looks great and works well, in fact it’s even easy enough for me to understand and I do have trouble with binary. Nice numbers too which would easily be laser-cuttable in the steel. It’s a shame your cad limitations don’t do full justice (not that should matter from a scoring perspective) as this would look awesome in a photo-realistic render. 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  3. Hi, Wilhelm! I like your design of the digits; they seem totally unique, which is not easy at this point on this blog. I think your illustrations are great, very clean and precise. They look as if they would serve as the manual that accompanies the watch. I like the watch case too, uncluttered and sophisticated. I agree, this binary is easier for me to read than others. 5* and yes!


  4. Hi Wilhelm, I have one word for you : Genius.
    The most sublime perfection.
    It is great that some of us is so far ahead of time.

    5* Best of luck


  5. I like the overall look. I like the digits. I prefer the all stainless steel version, because the digits are cut-out & always showing up.


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