Police Light tells time in 3 colors

Design submitted by Ilham from Indonesia.

Ilham says: “I was inspired by many designs in this blog. So, I started make my own watch design. Police light will light up your life.”

It is an LCD watch with dual bracelet inspired by police light. There are 3 colors, red, white, and blue. 1 red block shows 1 hour. 1 white bolck shows 5 minutes. 1 blue block shows 1 minute. The date shows at the top.

Anyone can wear this watch. It is simple and easy to use.

It is an original design. It is simple and easy to read. And certainly unique.                                                                                                                        

6 thoughts on “Police Light tells time in 3 colors

  1. Looks fun and colourful with a simple time telling method. The two straps make it look a little like a miniature backpack for your wrist. The proportions do look a little clunky but that’s an easy fix. It probably a little tame for my personal taste but may have a wide general appeal. Welcome to the blog and best of luck!


  2. This is a very nice looking nugget of a watch. It is a little bit in the vein of Nooka watches. If Tokyo flash makes this I hope they can fix the design flaws of Nooka watches! 5y


  3. Respekt for your work, but maybe three bars are not innovative enough. Assuming it would look super geeky, I would need something more. Optional colors for example. Good luck!


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