Timetri watch tells time in triangles

Design submitted by Albert from Poland.

Albert says:  Timetri is an idea of graphics watchface which looks like it’s come from a sci-fi movie.

It expresses time by four groups of triangles, representing hours, tens of minutes and single minutes.  The time of day can be gathered from the position of the white triangle (down for AM and up for PM).

13 thoughts on “Timetri watch tells time in triangles

  1. You made a very simple watch that looks pretty cool. I’m not sure if it is too simple for a TF watch but I think it reaches a wider audience, so it would be a good addition. The placement of the triangles and the color choices are looking sci-fish indeed 🙂 If the price is right, I would get it! Good luck Albert!!


  2. Hey Albert, welcome to the blog! Very nice and simple 12-5-9 design! I like its simplicity a lot, I think if TF were to develop this the devil would need to be in the detail to make it really special. The only issue I see is that it reminds me a little of “Adjust” with the triangles, and makes me wonder if they could incorporate your time telling into that watch. I imagine that would be a relatively simple programming thing. Maybe it could be a special edition. So maybe it’s not an issue but opertunity! Anyways very support worthy 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  3. Hi, Albert! Very clean design, I like it! I like the chevron formation you chose as well. Just to clarify, the last pic should say 4:17 PM, not AM, right?


  4. i support this simple and elegant version of 12-5-9. nicely executed, and easy to read.
    i like how the hours are split into 6 and 6 to make counting easier. 5*


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