Edge LCD – based on the original Edge design

Design submitted by Peter from from the UK.

Peter says: “The machines sent an assassin back in time to the present to eliminate the leader of the resistance. The resistance countered and brought future tech with them. This future tech was replicated the best it could be using present day manufacturing methods. Edge was the first!”

The time telling method is exactly the same as the original version, the 4 digit shaped ribbons express 4 digits. In this case the ribbons are replaced with a mirror LCD working in negative, the rest of the face has a mirror masking layer. The time is displayed by the darker areas which are illuminated when the backlight is activated. Above the LCD is a 3D shaped lens which has an extruded shape of the digits, this gives the display a hint of 3D gives a similar feel to the original version.

This design should appeal to the founders of the resistance, pioneers of the first cyborgs and bio-mechanically enhanced humans and of course your average Joe on the high street.

This design stands out from others due to its menacing looks, 3D effect LCD display and the strap mounted controls from the original. This design is totally feasible with todays technology and has twice as much internal space for the electronics as the original.

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