Echo E-paper LCD analog watch display

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: I was sketching for an analog based sci-fi E-paper display based on half circles. I took the advantage of E-paper towards LCD to hide and create display gaps whenever pleasing. So I created these half circle segments whose repetition, the echoing, has a deeper meaning for the time telling.

The display looks cryptic at first so here is how you read it. If you see those circle segments, their end facing the clockwise direction is the actual marker, basically the hand on an analog watch display. For the hours you have to concentrate on the thick black segments. The thin segments represent the minutes. They overlap with the thick segments in the most of the times and continue there as white segments. Doing so, they always stay half circles.

Important for telling the exact minute is the amount of thin segments. First of all their ends only mark the current five-minute increment as you know it from analog watch displays. For this “precision” a single thin segment would actually suffice. Additional thin segments, which are a tad thinner than the first one, stand for additional minutes up to four. So when there are four thin segments, it’s actually one for telling the current five-minute increment and three for the extra minutes. The amount of thick segments varies depending on the amount of the thin segments. The center space of the display is kept white in AM and black in PM.

The Echo is a watch for those who like round and circly displays with a stylish sci-fi look and a little challenge to decrypt.

12 thoughts on “Echo E-paper LCD analog watch display

    • …just one thing: put a little signs on the case on every 5 minutes positions for the even easier reading.


      • I agree with Laszlo about some nice subtle indicators. With them, I buy! 5*
        oh, and I love the hand and arm! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Looks awesome….Looks awesome….Looks awesome!!!! A little echo humour there lol
    Very nice Sam, subtle yet striking with a cryptic yet simple time telling 5/Y best of look sir!


  2. TokyoFlash, please make this one happen. This one is a guaranteed buy from me. Simple, stylish, and if you can do the colored nightlight thing, perfect.

    Absolutely in love with this idea.


  3. Well Sam, as usual very stylish and restrained. I really like the brushed metal look, and the tan leather on the inside of the strap. Having said that, this concept doesn’t wow me as many other of your efforts, possibly because it’s quite similar to some of your earlier work (Cypher, for instance). Not that that’s a bad thing…=) I suppose it’s the curse of high expectations.

    Applause, certainly, but I’m not standing up for this one.


  4. Wow Sam! I think they need to call this company SamyFlash! Seriously though, I really like this watch


  5. Don’t know why, Sammy, doesn’t really grab me. I kind of like the upper part of the bezel, though. It looks a bit like a vinyl record!

    Cheers, and good luck!


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