Projector watch sends time soaring though the air.

Design submitted by Valentin from the USA.

Valentin says: I came up with this when sitting in class, taking notes shown by a projector and decided to come up with a watch with a little aerodynamic look.

It’s supposed to resemble an airplane from WWII, time is shown by pressing the button on the case of the watch, showing date,time,am/pm,day/night,sec. and battery%, the time is shown by the surrounding circle form 1-12, and the mins on the middle, with regular numbers. You can make the projection bigger or smaller by adjusting the black crowns on the back of each ends of the watch, allowing you to make it more readable for each individual.

I see any type of people wearing this watch. the watch “on hand” will change how the whole appearance of the watch looks, i designed to look good on- hand of the wearer. Overall its wearable by anyone.

The watch is different due to aerodynamic design that represents a aircraft.

5 thoughts on “Projector watch sends time soaring though the air.

  1. This design is very intriguing, but how would this be used in everyday life as a wrist watch? Wouldn’t it be too bright? Also, I’m curious as to where it would project.


  2. Too bulky/cumbersome to be used on a daily basis. This would be a hassle when taking on/off sweaters, jackets etc.. Not to mention the discomfort of the cones digging into your arm when you, for instance, lean on your hands and so on.

    The idea of a watch with the posibility of projecting time on a surface is nice enough, but the design is just wrong.
    It would end up as a gadget-watch you could show people online, but not use daily.


  3. Johnny five is alive! hehe, I like the look of this thing! (I like your style Valentin!) altho I do agree it looks a little like the MB&F HM4
    I dont really think you need the projection aspect, there have been a few designs suggesting this. Its a nice party trick but not really nesessary. I think just turn the body 90degrees so it is more like a drivers watch. The LED looking segments are quite cool and if used with LCD centres would be pretty sweet. 5/Y Best of luck sir! 😀


  4. Look a lot like the MB&F HM4, but worst. ( patent might be a problem )

    Also : 1 ) I don’t like both model.
    2 ) The projector idea is nice but project in the wrong direction, unlike the HM4.
    Or both dial could be rotate 90 degree clockwise & projected on the wearer hand. ( see pic #3 )

    I like the dual-screen & their overall look. ( the position of every element ) It would be ok on a regular case, or jet engine front view. ( invert both dial. see pic #3 ) For the projector, it could be like some clock radio.

    1 question, about the digits : Did you use “OCR A Extended” in paint ?


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